The Self-made Man does not Exist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jane_Bellamont, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. We at the Committee disagree with your self-assessment.
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  2. this is the problem. all the hollywood "elite' assholes preaching about open borders sitting behind their gated communities. Same with fucking politicians. Thats why I maintain that congress should not get a waiver from dealing with aca and should be forced to purchase form the exchange like everyone else. See how fast that shit gets fixed.
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  3. The world's problems are not being caused by immigrants to America, it's the warmongers exiting the US that are the problem.

    The US is producing home grown terrorists at an astonishing rate. There are currently 1,493,000 enlisted terrorists with many having been dispatched to bases all over the world to wage American Jihad.

    Bring them home, build the wall and turn off the lights please.
  4. you really are here to just start shit aren't you? While I don't agree with us being the world police, I certainly don't agree with this kind of rhetoric.
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  5. Calling it as I see it J. The US government/military is the world's biggest terrorist organisation. An out of control, warmongering, genocidal monster. I know you like a video so here's Noam explaining it all.

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  6. He is our resident left wing extremist XD
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