The Self-made Man does not Exist

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Jane_Bellamont, Aug 27, 2017.

  1. The Self-made man does not Exist. You'd be nothing without the people who came before you .. the people who paved the roads for you, the people who invented the internet, the people who put satellites in outter space for you to communicate and spread your Randian ideas .. ... etc.

    Then again, here's where people get it all wrong. This is not an excuse to be lazy and just let the river carry you away to wherever the fuck it wants to take you. You're a grown up now. You're self aware. You're in control .. get out there and make the world a better place.

    What I mean when I say that there's no such thing as a self-made man .. It just means .. stop vilifying social safety nets and people who need help .. ... stop vilifying immigrants and people trying to survive and stay alive in the game .. cause one day that might be You.

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  2. One day not so long ago it was them. Puritans fleeing religious persecution in Europe. They boarded boats and headed off to the unknown hoping for a better life.

    They're all self made now though and dedicate themselves to persecuting the rest of the world. Praise the Lord.
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  3. perhaps you should spread that word to the blacks, what they enjoy right now. was built on the backs of thier slave ancestors, instead of wanting the statues of the confederacy removed they should look on them in a different light,
    ..they now enjoy this type of life,

    but dont forget where you come from..


    im sure not one person wants to go to africa.. they love the life they have now,,, the life that thier ancestors supplied them... yet ALL THEY DO IS BITCH..BITCH...BITCH......

    self made men my ass,
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  5. I will not stop villifying safety nets because its my hard earned money that pays for them. I don't vilify the people necessarily, but one really can't ignore all the evidence right in front of them in europe, the effects of unchecked mass immigration.

  6. i agree,,, i bet the europeans are choking on that shit-sandwich they made for themselves,,

    but on the other side of the coin... do we want that same type of drama here,? isnt that why our great president is pushing for the wall. and stricter immigration policy,?

    but wait... we allready have that here, thanks to OBAMA thier is parts of town in DEARBORN michigan that the cops dont even want to patrol because of the placement of these immigrants,,, and they have these same neighbourhoods allready set up. for such drama by placing empty refrigirators on rooftops to topple on people be they cops or whoever.... they are ready for a invasion of thier neighbourhood... and why would they do that if they werent in the makings of something that would create such a raid ????

    SELF MADE MEN<---------------
  7. I live not too far from dearborn and I can confirm it is like driving through another country. Not like detroit is nice anyways, its basically a giant shithole ghetto, then you drive a few miles and boom...fallujah.
    But of course, thats why trump ran on enforcing immigration policy and beefing up border security. The left knows its a logical argument, and have nothing to say other than emotional outbursts about being racist or whatever the buzz word is this week.
  8. You either work and give an effort or you are lazy and don't give a fuck and pass the buck.

    Back then there were less lazy people if any, now, 75% of people are lazy and dumb.
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  9. You first.
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  10. i trully dont have a problem with immigrating... if the place your at isnt giving you all the benifits you want out of life,,,,and you have the capable abilities to leave your home country to. sit out on a adventure. then do it... but you must follow the laws of the land your going to.... or your just another law breaker...but as long as you settle and do the right thing... then i dont see the immigration law as being so important,,,

    one such instance sticks in my mind above all else....couple years ago. some cubans made a '' floating vessel '' out of a 57 or so chevy truck.... and floated that thing all the way to miami beach. and i hope everyone of them .. is doing good, and enjoying the life of being free,,,,,

    ive only met a few. but every cuban ive come into contact with has been some of the nicest people,, i even worked for a cuban before. real nice guy.. his parents were so nice to me...and his own family was kind,

    first time i ever ate a pig that was cooked in the ground was at one of thier get-toghter's, and got turned onto cuban coffee... of which his mother gave me the '' little cooking thing'' you make it in,

    ive met some descent mexicans... i guess if you come from a area that has none.. to limited freedom. or financial possibilities .. you appreciate what america has to offer,

    i dont live in a very diverse area,,,,,my interaction with people is limited... even my job i do daily is isolated..

  11. well we are in the process/ of exploring new life on mars and the moon.. can they be colonized ??? who knows.

    i know man has the technology to do it... it would be a strictlly indoor population.


    the planet has plenty of areas that are damn near barren of people,,,, and all those areas can and have been populated by acient man in the past... theres still plenty of pie left for those that may have to go out of there way to get it,,,,,but it's there,

    me personally i'd like to live around the YUCATAN penisulaur.... but that place is way too violent... and all the wild-life is trying to kill you.... but damn what a nice place,,, just like the beaches of SOMALIA are nice.. but a very dangerous town.
  12. yeah;; if these politicians are so cool with letting them in...... then let's settle them right next door to the politician in his gated sure they wouldnt go for that!!!!!

    it's o.k. to shit anywhere you want to '' as long as it aint in my back-yard'' is thier philosophy on that one.
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  13. Ive got an even better plan, even edgier. I put you on my ignore list.
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  14. A value to many. A born leader. Sharp minded individual.

    Bless you sir
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  15. You forgot to think the plan through

    What do you do with the 3.5 billion dead bodies?
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