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  1. they have all these picture threads for bongs and pipes and stuff, but what people really should be proud of is their blunt rolling skills. Blunt rolling is an art that is hard to perfect and many people have many different ways of rolling. The Art of blunt rolling takes much concentration, dedication, and love. you must love your work. I know when i roll a fatty theres no other feeling like it. so everyone, when you are rollin up that L and before you light that bad boy up, share your work with everyone else. if you like, throw some videos up showing your process. its time we show these other cats the real way to smoke herb.:smoking::smoking:
  2. I hope this thread goes a long way, should be cool. Personally I can't roll for shit and I've been tokin properly for over a year now. I might teach myself this summer when I have the spare time :smoking:
  3. Yeah this should be stickied. Theres a stickied thread for bongs and shit!
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    I posted this a while ago but whatever, Soorry they're so big, it's Blue Cheese and some Afghan Squidgy Black with kief, I know it's only a wrap but where I am in London it's very difficult to get a real cigar to use so this is the next best thing...
  5. Fuck a blunt wrap. I hate em, dont use em.
  6. :hello:
  7. Yea blunt wraps are all compressed chemicals correct?
  8. [​IMG]

    4:20 4/20/10

    some regular nug


    some KO and purple magic mixed up and ready for a honey blunt.

  9. damn, imma be in this thread all day everyday haha, pics soon (after I finish smokin this one and twistin the next)..:smoking::smoking:

  10. that looks like a pretty nice scale, cant see the scale in the picture do you know how much it weighs? just out of curiosity

  11. good shit that nug looks great. not feelin that white lighter though :eek:

  12. i agree 100%. ive used almost all the cigars and ive come to the conclusion that there is nothing like a vanilla dutch. its harder to roll than then the other a little bit (inner leaf wise) but if you get good at it theres nothing like it, nothing burns as slow as it
  13. fuck a superstition.

  14. fuck a white lighter :devious:
  15. fuck a beat, ill go acapella

    fuck papa dock

    fuck a clock

    fuck yall if you doubt me, im a piece of white trash i say it proudly
  16. Two Honey dutches
    Peach White Owl <333333333333333
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    just a dolo. start out with some dank buds and a vanilla dutchmaster.

    mix it all together and the second pic is what u get :D:smoke:

    edit: cant figure how to get the pics on it it didnt work :/

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