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  1. Whats up blades! Its been awhile. Some know me some don't I'm flip I'm going to redo this first post later on down the line like I did in my last grow. well my first grow lol. Any ways guys stay tuned i dont have any nice fancy shiny pictures yet but those will come.

    So lets knock down the math and all that other good stuff.

    For the nutrients I'm going to go full organic (or as close to it as I can) i'm going to use the full General Organics line. Supplements are still up in the air. I know i want Sledgehammer (containts saponins), Budswell, and other organics but where it gets fuzzy and the line gets crossed is....Rooting.... GH sub-m and b aren't organic. H&G roots excelerator isn't organic. Great whtie isn't organic. I can go with straight compost tea (made with the vortex for $10 a gallon) but thats already in the system and my past expereince with tehse products besides the GH line have been nothing but wonderful.

    I can hold off on other things synthetic but i want strong and healthy roots and still up at arms about slapping the organic label on all my veggies and false advertising.

    Amongh that the plans are to build a LED light comparable to a 400w or 600w MH for the vegging room and for the bloom room I plan on running that off a generator with 2 600w HPS and future expansion of either adding another 600w or replacing one of the 600's with a 1000w the latter being least likely.

    So this will be a SCROG method and the medium will most likely be coco-coir hand mixed by muah. Well other than that nothing more to add I would love your feedback on a everythihg constructive critisism is welcome

    Thanks for clickin on my jounral hope you enjoy the ride.

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