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    I attempted an ill planned reveg experiment. It was an attempt made as an afterthought and conceived while I was doing a planned harvest. I thought, “WTF, I’m gonna try this”. Ultimately it did not pan out and I scrapped the effort in order to get ready for a full cycle grow.

    This is not to argue the reveg methods or its potential merits. When I shut the experiment down I further harvested a pint size jar of buds, dried, and cured them. Now that I’ve sampled some of it on different smoking occasions I find it's definitely less potent than the buds that I harvested per schedule and dried and cured.

    Any thoughts of why this might be? The only thing I can think of is what remained of the plant, bud, and leaf material that was left from harvest basically “died on the vine” so-to-speak. If true, do you think this would have caused some problem with the THC quality? It’s like it degraded or something. The trichs are still milky and not amber. It has surprised me. Really strange.

    I let the experiment run for 2 weeks, normal garden maintenance was maintained during this time and absolutely no new growth appeared. It’s like everything just stopped in place due to the shock of the harvest. Due to these results I’m thinking I’ll not mess with this effort ever again. I think I could have easily wasted another 2 weeks of my time and the plants would not have recovered.

    Thoughts appreciated. But my question here is; "Why does the quality of the THC seem to be less than that of the THC quality of the regular harvested plant 2 weeks previous"?

  2. Seriously.... I can't figure it out
  3. thc is known to start breaking down after some point in their life. of course, no one knows the exact point of this for all the different strains, but its no surprise.

    it could also have to do with the fact that you harvested part of the plant earlier. obviously this damaged the plant and perhaps it reacted by reducing thc levels...? who knows.

    to do a true test, get 2 clones with identical genetics, then just harvest them at different dates and note the difference in potency. well in the end, the results are measured so subjectively, its hard to know anything for certain.
  4. once you went back to reveg the plant stopped flowering aka stopped any sort of thc production, so while it is not adding any thc, it was definitely just degrading and losing quality, if you had left the plant flowering and harvested those branches two weeks later i'd imagine they'd be more potent instead of less

    and as far as wasting 2 weeks, and possibly wasting another 2, it definitely takes about a month to reveg a plant or to get roots on a flowering clone, but it will def work, and you will end up with a monster bush when it does
  5. Thanks guys. What you say makes sense. 'Preceiate the thoughts.

    I'm not sure what there is to be learned here but I'll def have to go research the proper way to reveg. I have too much respect for the plant and the folk here to post pics. They're just too....well...obscene and are best destroyed to never be viewed. Painfully hideous. :eek:

    Cloning is no doubt the way to go for me in the future. +rep to both of you.

  6. instead of a reveg you may want to consider monster cropping aka taking flowering clones around day 21, assuming you already have some success with normal cloning lol

    these clones were cut on day 25 of flower and they are absolute beasts right now, i really need to get a few updated pics of these two, but here's the original thread i made about my monster bushes
  7. Sweet! Nice job!
  8. Possum,

    I'll take a shot. The vegetation left on the plant was the bottom of the barrel anyway. Combine this with the plant changing focus from reproduction back to veg, trichome production and ripening are no longer necesary. In similiar way how a pollinated bud puts everything into seed making. Just my 2 cents.

    Not a fan of reveg either, always felt pressure to harvest a bit early to ensure the plant makes it. Those same buds left in flowering for another few weeks would have been dank indeed. That said I am looking at a plate of bud exactly as you describe. Sometimes you just can't let a favorite go!

    I'm too high
  9. patrio thanks for the thoughts. This is a bad analogy but I think it might be something like leaving the fruit on the vine to the point it starts rotting. I'm thinking when we harvest the bud, dry, and cure it we preserve it in the prime state. Left to continue to grow on a butchered frame the fruit (i.e.bud) starts some type of decaying process. IDK. I'm guessing.

    I do realize the whole point of a reveg effort is to not harvest the buds one left behind but instead all new growth. Since I scrapped the reveg effort harvesting the buds that remained was, like my initial effort, an afterthought. So, lesson learned; if planning to reveg then PLAN for it, do it right, and reap the rewards. Don't even attempt it if one isn't willing to see it through.

    I'm cloning next time! :D

  10. Possum,

    I think your analogy is a good one. Maybe more like picking a green tomatoe and expecting the full flavor of a vine ripened. There is something the plant gives in the last few weeks that gives fruit top shelf potential. Well maybe not quite exactly.

    Your second point is a good one as well. How many times will you run into bud grown in such a fashion? No matter what you decide to do commit to it. I like your posts (your buds kick ass!), and it is always a pleasure to discuss things with you brother.

    Either way I agree cloning is the way to go.

    Happy growin this year to you all!
  11. to do a true test i would follow the scientific method and do more than 1 clones for each harvest time just because their are a lot of other minor variables. equal lighting is important if using the same light. if using several lights, make sure they are the same kind and that none have degraded. HIDs lose efficiency over time. if in soil make sure all are equally mixed and nutes are equal. if each is in a different hydro setup make sure everything like ppm and nutes are the same. you pretty much want everything to be the same which im sure you already know. when using the scientific method, you want to test several of whatever your testing in case you have a defect or if any minor variables are uncontrollable, you will have a general idea overall of what is better.

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