Tangerine Dream, FCJ, and WW in FFOF with FF Nutes 600 + 400 Watt Perp.

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  1. Flowering
    Day 1 Flowering for Tangerine Dream and White Widow
    Day 5 flowering for Fruity Chronic Juice


    Burmese Kush ( OG Kush Hybrid)
    Blueberry Gum

    I am growing in all Fox Farm Ocean Forest with Perlite and Great White Mycorrizhae and Fox Farm Flowering Nutes. I dont use nutes for veg just what the FFOF comes pre loaded with.

    I also supplement flowering with Liquid Kool Bloom and Cal Mag if necessary. I use Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom as well.

    I bought a new 600 watt XXXtreme reflector which is 39" long x 29" wide. I also have my old 400 watt which will be installed when I put the three vegging plants into flower. So 1000 watts in my tent. I am vegging with T5's. I have a 6"inline duct fan with a 6" inline booster attached. Got a new grow room under construction and will have picks once finished.

    First pics are my Tangerine Dream before and after trim job today. It needed it bad.

    Second pics are my White Widow (Short plant for sure but the leaves are broad as hell)

    Third pics are Fruity Chronic Juice which has buds already and crystals are forming


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  2. Here are my vegging plants

    The first pic is my Burmese Kush

    The second pic is my Blueberry Gum

    The third pic is my Brainstorm

    Sorry about the crappy pic quality I was lazy and didnt feel like pulling the Rebel out so I used my phone.

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  3. I'll comment, It looks good. How long did you veg your WW and TD for? I just popped one WW and TD. I'll have to keep an eye on your grow. Good luck

  4. Nice to have you aboard Hello.

    I started vegging on March 23 and flipped the switch on April 29th so just over a month. Flip the switch early on your Td though if you have height issues this bastard stretches and takes a while to start flowering. I just had to supercrop for the second time cuz she is shooting up fast. The WW is a short and bushy plant though. At least these are how my phenos are acting yours could be much different. My TD IS DEF. LEANING MORE indica in the leaf growth compared to others I have seen. Some sativa heavy phenos people have shot up 300 - 400% so be careful i know i wished i flipped mine earlier

    Good luck growing you got a journal??
  5. Good Day Den,

    Thank you for telling me about the stretch with the TD I have 5ft to work with I plan on lst and topping. Every time (3-5 times) I supper crop I always snap the branch in half:mad: My WW is G13 Labs. I hope mine look like yours after a month and a 3 days I would be stoked. No grow journel this will be my 3rd grow and 1st from seed.

    I saw that you use a duct booster. Does it make a difference? I have a 4" 200 cfm fan in my tent with the carbon filter hooked up to my DIY cool tube, with a 2 90 degree bends it. So I was thinking of getting a 4" duct booster as cheap way to upgrade cfm as apposed to upgrading inline fans. . Also how did you wire it?

    Thank you and I look forward to checking in.

  6. Yo hello.

    Ya the inline booster def. Works and i just have it wired to an old extension cord i had laying around. Go to menards (if you have one) or home depot and buy it its cheap like 20-30 bucks its a sunsystem or something just go to the ductworl aisle. Also when suppper cropping roll the part you wanna supercrop in between your fingers until you hear the walls breaking then keep a finger under the side in which you plan to bend it And you will be good.
  7. Hmmm roll it in my fingers like left to right? And thank you I'll head to HD today.


  8. Hello good morning!

    Did you get your inline booster yesterday? And for the supercropping it doesnt matter which way you roll them in you finger i just make sure I soften up the tissue around the area i am supercropping.I mena be somewhat gentle and agressive. You dont want the tissue to soft or to hard or you could snap iit or it will take a while to repair if you moosh it to much. I find that somewhere in the middle is perfect because the heal time is cut down and they eventually stand back up but there is just enough time in between for the undergrowth to catch up and your other plants. I hope that explains it well enough as I am bad at explaining shit.
  9. Good Day Buddy

    Damn its early. Yawn. I didnt make it to HD yesterday, I will today because I need a 3 in whole drill bit.

    Thank you for the advice just do you have any pics from early in veg like end of week 1, 2 ect. So I can compare when the time rolls around.

    Also I wonder why no one else is here. Is it the lack of buds?

  10. I have a few pics of veg but not much. Work has been super busy for this grow so i havent been able to take lots of pics im just to tired after trimming or watering them. I will get some pics from germ and a few weeks in though.

    As for nobody coming shit im used to it i dont visit many threads so thats probably why but lack of buddage could be the case. Gimme a day or two for those pics. Thanks for commenting too. Ill have an update here in the next few days also
  11. Awesome. How much do you trim? And do you only do it in veg or flower as well? I always hear mixed results about trimming and I had a bad experience trimming, one of ladies from my last grows died b/c I trimmed to much during flowering. It was my best grow yet then I had to kill:mad:. I felt like an idiot but live and learn I guess:confused:. Keep up the good work. I look forward to any and all updates.

  12. I dont trim much and I like to do it in veg. What i trim is any retard growth on the bottom that is light yellow from not getting enough light. I do it because I hate popcorn bud the shit is to hard to trim and I like my cola buds. Thats a bummer about ur last grow I would have been devastated so much time and work goes into growing bud
  13. I was fucking pissed:mad::mad:. Vegged for 2 months and flowered for 5 weeks I was snipping fan leaves to get light to the lower buds b/c like you I dont like the popcorn buds. But I trimmed WAY too much I guess. Here is a pic of her. The buds were completely dry when I chopped so I didnt need to dry them after chopping. I didnt get to flush, no seeds either which was weird I thought. 1.5 oz when i chopped. Had 5-6 weeks left. Then to make matters worse I thought I try to make Qwiso with it and that shit tasted like isopropyl alcohol and immedate headache. Never doing that again. Just bad all around. Guess I can double post pics here is the link for the pics Buds drying out and I didnt cut them yet.

    Enough about my failure. I've seen a few other ppl here grow the TD and have issues ph issues with it. What do you keep your run off at for it? I know 6.2-6.5 for soil. I have 6.4 right now. And Pics Please:hello:
  14. I dont do runoff I mean I did when I had issues but I water with 6.5 ph-ed water everytime and I give nutrients once a week if that. I really toned down the nutes this grow and the results are much better. I fed them the other day with some big bloom and tiger bloom. But that mixture was under 400 ppm. I will feed them in a few days again as I watered last night with 6.5 ph-ed water. Here are some pics of the td and ww early on.

    The first is March 28 2011, the second two 2 were from April 1 2011, the third and fourth are from April 6 2011, the fifth pic is the ww on April 29 2011. The ww has the real broad leaves in the pics

    Ya that sux about the last plant too that thing was looking good. Just take it easy on the nutes and you will do fine. WW and TD are both sensitive on em.
    So one of the pics wont up load it is on my other grow my second one. Check it out for the pic I think it was the one from April 1. Good thing to know about the Qwiso hash I was gonna try some since the bubble bags I bought were generic and they are ruined already. Litlle advice buy the true bubblebags if you want good bubble hash they are worth it.

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  15. I didn't know you started another journal! I'm sub'd now... :wave:
  16. Update today

    Day 12 flowering for FCJ

    Day 9 flowering for TD and WW

    Everything is looking awesome the TD grew like a champ and I had to supercrop once again. This thing grows a few inches a day. The FCJ is getting frosty and the buds get bigger everyday. Trichs are coming on the TD and WW also. I cannnot wait for the Great white root inoculants to start working.

    Day I dont know vegging for Burmese Kush, Brainstorm, and Blueberry Gum

    I transplanted into 3 gallon pots two days ago and added some Great White to the root zone. No transplant shock at all these girls took off right away. I need to get something for the salt build up on my smart pots that really causes chaos when reusing them. I had it on my Brainstorm and also my WW and TD while they were in the 1 gallon pots.

    First 2 pics are FCJ
    Next 2 pics are WW
    Next 3 pics are TD
    Following pics are Burmese Kush, Brainstorm, then Blueberry Gum

    The blueberry gum has purple in the veins of it I cant wait to see its colors when flowering. The brainstorm is a beast and the blueberry gum while the Burmese Kush is lagging behind a bit but it will catch up. Im getting close to starting some new seeds what does anyone think I should do.

    Here are the selections:

    Armageddon - Feminized
    Hollands Hope - Feminized
    Kushage - Feminized
    Heavy Duty Fruity - Reg
    S.A.G.E. - Feminized
    Darkstar - Reg
    Hypnotic - Feminized
    Blue Widow - Feminized
    Critical + - Feminized
    Strawberry Ice - Reg

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  17. Waterboy good to see ya buddy. Ive been lurking in your new journal and your plants are looking good. Glad you stopped by also. I have been busy as hell so I havent gotten to commenting much. The last grow I ended with 4.2 ozs and I didnt post pics because I hated the starin it was terrible genetics and nobody could grow it. I will never get an unknown clone from a buddy again. I wasted two grows on that garbage and now I get to smoke shit I dont like. Enough of me whining though cuz I am super happy with this grow and the great genetics. This TD is a f-in beast it should be some killa smoke.:D
  18. Plants are looking great! I won't buy another clone from someone I don't know and trust again either! You just never know! You'll have a bunch of good herb to smoke here soon and the you can look back at that crap and laugh!

    Armageddon sounds interesting! I wouldn't mind seeing Darkstar as well!
  19. I guess you were not lying about the TD taking off. I hope mine grows like that. Today I am trading out my CFL's for a 400 MH hopefully I get some better growth with them. Also thank you for the pics from veg, now I can get an idea as to how they are doing. Look forward to seeing more posts


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