SUPER SKUNK :) 400hps perpetual coco grow

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  1. Il take another pick shortly man looks even better now haha this thing is a beast
  2. Will be keeping all the trim off this girl and her many sisters to do a run of bubble hash ;)
  3. Bubble hash is my fave! I've never made it tho, only bought it. Ugh I love sprinkling some hash on a joint and just getting ripped haha
  4. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Mmmmm
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  5. There you go man some new pics ;) the lighter photo is same little nug in earlier pic
  6. Expecting a lot of new bud growth in next week or so she has just finished week of feeding Pk heavy and uped the amount of biodiesel to full strength decided just gonna let her go till I start seing atleast 30% ambers as she's still producing more n more resin going buy the noticeable increase of clear trichs in last few days along with more new growth as well when did have mostly cloudy a few days ago :) seem the added bud fuel is doing its job and am expecting colas to severely increase in size as she now also has close to perfect temps lights out at 19.5dc at base of tent and 22dc at canopy
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  7. I've had a few that I'd class as bastard strains lol top of the list being strawberry cough and hash bomb so far can't even get a female in the strawberry cough and hash bomb is mega bastard nutes wise no 2 plants like the same levels lol if you want easy try white widow autos man smoke is mind blowing n they just about grow them selfs haha just started a new journal auto white widow round 3 lol chucked a seed in 3 weeks ago n well she's off n racing
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  8. My next nemesis is going to be arora indica have 2 going already popped 4 days ago n so far so good n verrrry fat first leaves there almost round haha
  9. Nice man. I'm trying to get gg4 and maybe 2 other crosses of gg4 to throw in all at same time after this comes down. I might end up wi a mother and cuttings though yet they're proving hard to get....
    Never tried arora either.

    Never tried either of them either man haha.
    I've got STRAWBERRY HAZE in atm and that's not exactly easy to keep happy.
    These sour diesel are proving very even, canopys even, they use same amount of nutes etc so I can't complain.
    The Ghost train haze/ghost wreck is just rhomping along for saying it went straight on 12 12 from cuttings all 5 are boshing there way thru

    My latest creation...SOUR DEISEL, STRAWBERRY HAZE first run to test before the gorilla glue #4 go in!
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  10. Well started to flush her couple days ago as was gonna take her down in a week or so but due to space issues in other flower room she copped it at end of lights off today n WOW talk about misleading for some reason things never look as big in the tent as they are the main colas Look awsome Like wow and solid as and crystal is yeah lol photos tell that story
    Trichs where all cloudy with few ambers so I'm happy gonna be a big yeild to
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  11. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Flash nearly makes them glow due to crystal hahaha mmmm frostyyyy
  12. image.jpeg image.jpeg Couldn't get a pic outside the tent whole lol as once again couldn't get it out hahaha
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  13. image.jpeg Still have the bottom section left which thought would let fatten up bit more in full light for next week or so but can now turn it around n fit another one in a 15 lt pot (her baby) beside her so will be family reunion so to speak hahaha fucking love this strain she's a beast
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  14. Flipped on 28 July
    Started showing first lots hairs 6th August
    Cut on 7 sep
    BAM THIS IS A BLOODY MACHINE 5 WEEKS 6 days from flip to cloudy trichs n few ambers here n there.... Screw 8 to 10 week strains hahaha
    Looking at what I've got hanging I'm saying around 10 oz dry :) will give a final weight once she does dry but deff a lot more than last one I grew in there n was jus over 7.5
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