SUPER SKUNK :) 400hps perpetual coco grow

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  1. image.jpeg 6 weeks from seed
    Flipped 12/12 9 days ago
    50 lt tub coco perlite mix
    3x3 grow tent 400 hps
    Plant believed to be old school skunk has grow like a manic since planted 6 weeks ago root system is huge whole tubs full also have roots coming out of the surface throughout tub plant was topped at third node leaving 6 branches as was going to main line but turned into this beast instead lol so I just let her go now happy I did so as has so many bud sites now can't count them lol :)
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  2. image.jpeg Flowering verry nicely now :)
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  3. Well seems a lot of people are really interested in this grow.......
  4. Why is it believed to be old skool skunk?
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  5. The bloke I got the seed off grew a male and female and deliberately pollinated back late 90s When it was big on the weed scene in Australia n he's got film canisters he keeps in a freezer in his garage lol each year he grows 4 or 5 n well i bought some off him couple months ago n first time ever in years I've got it off him I found 1 single large seed :) :) and planted it next day lol he asked me if I'd found any as he found about a dozen in couple branches of the one he sold me some of n I said na lol as he's kinda won't let anyone have any seeds lol like I offered him $100 for 4 seeds many times n he wouldn't do it so when I found one thought bugger it lets see what this does under lights n this is the result
    It's already got a crap load of crystal n it's only at couple weeks in to flower it's also packing on size at a phenomenal rate it's either going to finish quickly or end up with really big chunks smells awsome
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  6. I've grown a lot of strains but this grows sooo fast it's unreal leaves where verry fat when it was younger but have changed as got larger it's weird the clones also had fat leaves but have done same thing I'm keeping one as a mother plant so can keep genetics strong rather than cloning clones
    2 of the first clones I flipped to 12/12 at 5 inches high n 2 weeks later there both close to 2 foot !!
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  7. Sweet. I grow a couple strains (Paralyzer and Bubblegum) that have been cloned since the early 90s.
  8. I was stoked as to get a seed from this but think I'd give my left testicle to get the old bubblegum there's lots of newer "bubblegum" strains but the one from 90s was awsome only got it a few times but god it was nice haven't even heard of the other one night look that up
  9. Considering how old the seed he grows from is I'm surprised it still works but every year he plants same amount n every year looks n tastes basicly the same its kinda cool
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  10. I always bubblegum smells so much like pink bazooka during flower that it should come with a Bazooka Joe comic.
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  11. I remember getting strawberry hubba bubba n having cones then chewing on the bubblegum then having cones n tripping on fact it tasted the same hahaha
  12. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg Resin productions is in overdrive she's packing on flowers like a mad women lol smells amazing but omg can not believe how much crystal it's putting on she's gonna be a frost factory by time fully developes
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  13. She's deff gonna be a fast flowering strain lol already starting to swell and absolutely covered in crystal also starting to get few tinges of purple hear n there which think is possibly from temp when light are out lol also starting to get some of the larger bottom leaves starting to die off aswell the way it's going is say another 2 mabe 3 weeks n will be finished which means will come in at less than 8 weeks flower which is unreal
  14. Already have a high % trichs have gone cloudy now decided to give her bit of a pk boost in feeds for this week as want to try push a bit more out of her n seems to be working seing a good amount of new flower growth in last day or 2 :) also bought a grow candy tent heater to keep her nice n warm while lights are out
    She's gonna be a big girl though deff be looking at 8+ oz not a drama
  15. image.jpeg Even little bids look like they been snowed on lol
  16. Well today I'm at 4 weeks from when she started to actually flower and 5weeks 2days from flip buds are swelling like crazy and have mostly cloudy trichs now so I'm giving her 2 more weeks and will cut at a phenomenal 84 days from SEED lol that's faster than the autos I've been growing and will be a dam good yeild to so glad I cloned this bitch even happier I've started a perpetual grow using those clones :) been putting 2 in every week to week and a half now and am at the point of having this one nearly done and the last lot of clones put in yesterday so have them now in all stages with next 2 ready around 2 weeks after the main more running out of top shelf meds for me ;) shoulda done this long ago instead of having to wait months I between crops
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  17. Send me a clone please :) wow those trichs are looking plump and heavy, and you're only 4 weeks into flowering, subbed I wanna see some final numbers!

    PK's roof-top organic grow

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