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  1. hello,
    has anyone been using the suite leaf products? i'm interested to hear your experiences vs. using synthetic nutrients. i'm using waterfarms modded for dwc. i was going to use a chiller but the manufacturer says to use room temps. trying to avoid root rot at the higher temps.
  2. this is the organic section, where we use soil not bottled nutrients.
  3. ok, suite leaf is organic....outta here then.
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  4. im just saying, dont expect much reply to your question as most who frequent this sub would have never used it.
    u might have more response in the indoor section
    Indoor Marijuana Growing
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  5. Wait, you actually stumbled into the best possible place.

    Before you go, read the first page or two of this thread. Its the current "state of the art" organic method described by one if the main refiners of that method, "Clackamous Coot". Google "coots style mix" if you're not familiar with the name ( i wasn't until 6 months ago).

    No-Till Gardening: Revisited

    I'm in my second run following this method, actually I just used water during flower. Its a fool proof method that produces amazing quality. You dont need to follow it religiously, just get the fundamentals correct at the start and its plain sailing to harvest. I'll never grow any other way.

    Have a look around this forum, see how few "help, i've a defiency/ph/calmag problem" threads there are compared to the hydro section? Most of the time our gardens are on auto pilot.

    And @Sc00byD00bie is not being rude (hes actually incredibly generous with his time and always willing to help everyone). Nowadays when people say "I grow organically" they're referring to an entire system that includes a living soil. Most people would not regard a hydro system as organic regardless of the nutes used.
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