strange looking early plants (pics)

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  1. hi everyone, i have just planted 6 ak47 seeds about a week and 2 days ago, now i have 4 that are coming through great, but 2 of them just look wrong, they are short with strange looking leafs, something doesn't look right.

    at the moment they have had no feed just ph water of 6.3 i am using bio bizz all mix soil, and they are currently underneath a 250cfl light which is about 3in above them.

    what can be goin wrong here?

    thanks happylarry

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  2. hey man im a first time grower so I cant say alot from experience but if I had to take a stab at it id say its either

    A. The soil in those 2 pots is contaminated somehow.

    B. Those 2 seedlings are more or less duds.
    Even though they did germinate and sprout, not all seedlings survive. This does not necessarily mean that you did something wrong just that not all seeds have the same chances of survival, some just die.
  3. i just germd a couple that came up even weirder,
    totally asymmeritcal with some strange leaf shapes indeed.

    after 20 days tho they are VERY healthy, the later growth is pretty normal,
    and as a bonus THOSE plants have some of the tightest/most dense nodes and structure ive ever seen.

    keep giving em love and see what happens,
    they may pleasantly surprise you.

  4. very true as I experienced this with my current/first grow. The first set of real leaves was all retarted lookin even the second set looked odd. It wasnt till about the 3rd set i think that everything looked normal. Here is a link to my journal.
  5. Look fine to me
  6. They are fine, fine, fine this is common amongst some strains !!!
  7. yeah just let them work there way out and treat em nice they should straightin out
  8. Keep observing for improvement. Keep them as long as they don't bother you.
    Wait patiently. If it stays shitty, throw them away later.
  9. Thanks very much for the reply's, so I'll keep them going and see what happens hopefully they sort thereself out, but like I said nothing is different from the other ones that are fine. They seem to be growing alot slower than the rest aswell.

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