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  1. Hey guys.. my two (hopefully) ladies are growing nicely; one is growing a lot bigger and faster than the other, but i'm not worrying about it anymore. I'm having a bit of a problem though... the bigger one is stinky! They're still in veg, yet there's this distinctive cannabis scent to the bigger one. It doesn't smell like the actual herb, but they're definitely very similar to each other. When I enter the grow area it sort of has the same smell as the fresh plants in a zoo with a hint of cannabis.

    Can someone explain to me what this is? I wasn't aware that the plants could produce such a smell while in vegetation. I wasn't prepared for this lol... is there anything I can do besides light incense to get rid of the smell? Thanks.
  2. Even during veg the stalks and leaves are covered with trichomes, and sticky sweet resin is running through the plant to provide nutrients to the growth. The leaves and stalks themselves will smell like a tomato plant and the cannabis smell is due to the sap and the stalk trichs.

    The best thing you could do would be to rig a carbon filter into your grow room! This will suck all the air from your room, filter it through carbon, and exhaust it. When you flower your plants are going to be much stinkier, so if you are concerned about smell I would suggest getting a filter installed early.

    Here's a link to a DIY Carbon Filter:
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    Thanks, I was actually just looking at that thread a few minutes ago. I can't afford the fan needed for a carbon filter at the moment though. I just made a few investments that will take a couple of weeks to get my money back from, but I'll have an extra $300 to spend on my grow, so I think I'll be okay. In 2 weeks I'll be starting the flowering stage, too, so it should work out.

    edit: Does that mean that it's a female, or do males produce THC as well? I sort of think that the smaller one will be a male and the bigger one will be a female, because the bigger one is really the only one producing that smell. The other one just smells like a plant haha.
  4. With a big enough intake area the filter shouldn't create too much static pressure.

    That said, I used an 80mm fan rated at 72cfm to exhaust my growroom and it worked very well. Total cost of all materials--$30; that includes the fan, a 120vAC->12vDC converter, and the carbon.
  5. Sweet, I didn't know it could be done for so cheap. Where did you buy the fan from, and what type of fan was it? A computer fan?

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