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  1. Hey everybody, so I brew my own drinks and I was wondering if you guys think it would be a good idea to route the let off CO2 from that into the grow cabinet?
  2. You need to monitor the CO2 levels or chance hurting your plants
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    I wrote and posted this awhile back but it has relevance (see note @ end):

    Your case is a little different (not using a crappy CO2 kit) but you can draw from the same logic. You may have too much, too little.... it's an unknown. Regulation is the key.
  4. Alright, well how much is enough? (A fermentor gives off like one small CO2 bubble per 3 seconds when it's going good in case you were wondering.)
  5. To know if you have enough CO2, you need to know it's concentration in the grow area. Enough CO2 is about 300ppm and up. No real gain past 1200-1500ppm. Fresh air alone at 380ppm fits in, so most people leave it at that.

    How big is the grow space into which you are introducing the CO2? How fast do you exhaust? What size is a small bubble? We have to quantify these, at least roughly, to begin to get a picture of how a bubble every 3 second will impact your concentration. I think the effect will be very minimal.

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