Spectrum King LED Closet Case?

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by ZTS, Jul 25, 2017.

  1. So I bought an LED without doing extensive research. Basically, I watched a grow journal on youtube where a user got great results using the same space as I am. He yielded 0ver 200grams off 2 plants.
    I looked up the company and they were only a 45 minute drive away. I immediately drove down there and got talked into their newest version, the Closet Case 140W Watt. It's supposed to replace a 400w HPS which I think is bonkers. I've also seen reviews that say it can yield over 1g per watt.

    After doing some research online I'm finding that the reviews are extremely mixed, which scares me. People have accused the company of being shady and deleting youtube videos and on the other hand there are grow journals of people getting great results with their new product.

    So far my plants are doing good but I'm still unsure. I'd love to hear from someone who's currently using their products. Any tips or suggestions?

    If you want to see how my plants are doing atm I have a journal here with pictures: SOG Experiment in a micro 2x2 tent - 2 trays - 16 plants
  2. Spectrum king makes good lights. But their overview is throwing me off a lot.
    It says it has a 4x4 flower area. With only 140w of actual watt usage. And replaces a 400w.
    A 400w isnt the best to flower a 4x4. 600's id understand.

    I mean i have a quantum board that has a larger PPFD amount and more true wattage than the closet case and thats rated for a 3x3 for flower at 285 true watts.

    A gram a watt sure. Under perfect conditions and not in their recommendations. But maybe a 2x3.

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  3. I was looking at the closet case 100ws

    I have seen a handful of videos with weigh in consistanlty hitting just over 1g per watt.

    I want 2 of them to stick in 2x2ft tents. 1 in each. I would be aiming to hit 100-115g as per the videos i have seen. This is tge same weight i was hitting with a 250w hps in same space. If the 100w is comparable to 250w then the addititional 40w should be comparable to about another 100w of hps so in total i would say a 140w cc is rough the same as a 350w hps. Foot print wise 2.5x2.5 maybe 3x3 at most

    If i can harvest 115g once a month on cycle with only using 200w of light at any given time im super impressed
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  4. This is what im.saying. 3x3 is a stretch because the ppfd is low on the edges . Not enough at all for a 3x3 flower.
    2.5 x 2.5 yes 2x3 yes. Theyre great lights though.

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  5. I'm glad to know I have a good product then. Especially for my use, 2x2 grow tent.

    How far away do you keep the light from your buds? I know some growers let their plants grow right up into the LEDS and others keep a strict 12" distance.
  6. 18 inches 8d say but it varies on light an strain . I want a spectrum king. Boooo. Lol
  7. Get a qb theyre more efficient.
    Both great though!

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  8. 18 inches is like the perfect zone but play around i do 12-18 depending on stage of flower. They are great lights!

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  9. don't trip. you have a good light and in that small space you are good to go. Enjoy the process. There are a lot of things that will affect the yield. Your light isn't one of them.
  10. Light won't affect yield? Thats a first..lol. light absolutely affects yield..

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  11. Dude i thought the same thing. I think he means with that light he doesnt need to worry about more light and focus on other issues haha

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  12. yep!
  13. Lol..makes sense.

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  14. Once a month hows that possible

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  15. He has it so he can rotate a new plant in when one finishes i do the same. I have 6 in veg 4 in flower all at different weeks.
    When 1 is done flower i put a veg plant in the flower tent and start her flower cycle and plant new baby!

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  16. You guys helped out a lot. I'm going to move the light to about 15" away and see how the girls respond. At the moment it's been more like 8-12" away :O
  17. 2 flower tents. 2 lights. 2 plants and some good timing. Easy
  18. Hhmm what size are the panels ?
  19. Didn't know u had 2 tents I've only got one tent but loads of light 600hps x4 800w leds x 6

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  20. 2 little ones
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