SOG Experiment in a micro 2x2 tent - 2 trays - 16 plants

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  1. Okay, so I started this new journal for my S.O.G. grow.

    I'm currently in week 4 of a scrOG grow, but I'm already prepping plants and clones for my next grow by keeping them under the canopy + on my dresser.

    I'm using a 140W Spectrum King LED Closet Case.

    Humidity stays around 55-65% but there is always constant air movement. No signs of powdery mildew or mold.

    Here's what I plan to do:
    • I'm going to take the screen off my scrOG frame, and use just the frame to hold up two bins, each 1'x2'.
    • They will sit right beside each other and drain into a water reservoir that will rest below them.
    • The bin/trays will need to be deep enough to securely hold the plants.
    • The bin/trays will need grooves on the bottom to allow the pots to drain properly.
    • I will drill a hole on the bottom of each bin/tray for easy drainage.
    • Each bin/tray will be FILLED with plants. If I can fit a solo cup between some of the plants to fill space even more I will, but I doubt I'll have the space for more than 16 plants in total.
    • The plants will be flipped at 12" and after they have each been topped.
    • The bins will allow me to easily take out the plants. I can then use this to my advantage and rotate the plants on a weekly basis to utilize light/space.
    • Every month I will chop down 1 bin/tray worth of plants and start a new batch in order to start a monthly perpetual grow. Of course I will allow more time for strains that need it.
    • Run a variety of 'grow medium' experiments. So far I have the following being prepped:
    1. (4) Sour Strawberries in hempy 2-liters. Transplanted from coco solo cups. I just pulled them out of the solo cups and transplanted with perlite. 7 Were given to me for $50.
    2. (2) Goji Berry Seedlings (Moxie Seeds) already around 8" and have been topped. They are both girls. Growing in solo cups with a mixture of soil and coco. I'm planning on transplanting into 2-liter coke bottles filled with coco and soil.
    3. (1) GSC Auto seedling (American Fast Buds) in a solo cup with 80% soil and 20% coco. Maybe 4" tall.
    4. (1) GG#4 Auto seedling (American Fast Buds) in a 1 gallon smart pot filled with 30% coco, 30% hydroton pebbles, and 40% soil.
    5. (1) Goji Reserve Seedling in a 1 gallon smart pot filled with the 30/30/40
    6. (1) Pyramid Seed Tutankhamon Feminized Seedling in a 1 gallon with the 30/30/40
    I may have gotten a little over-excited about my S.O.G. and started too many plants in various mediums haha. Here's my current game plan:

    Start flipping 8 of them under the SCROG canopy once my girls hit week 5 of flower. By the time the 8 start stretching my canopy will be less full as I will gradually be pulling off leafs. Once the 8 hit week 4 or 5 of flower, my scrog will have been taken down and those 2 girls chopped down. I'll then move those 8 into their bin/tray and fill up another tray with 8 new ones.

    Sure, my first batch my not yield a lot due to them starting under a canopy and getting less light, but I got to do 'something' about these plants that are about ready, and I want to get into the groove of perpetually growing.

    Please let me know if you have any suggestions, recommendations, or comments about what i'm doing. Think i'm crazy for attempting so many different mediums? Let me know!


    - Zack
  2. My sour strawberry clones that I transplanted into hempys. They are close to 12" already so I've been keeping them short. Just started feeding them light nutes, A&B + CalMag.

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  3. My seedlings. You can see one of the goji reserves that I just topped (it hasn't been topped in the picture).

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  4. I also forgot to mention I that I have 3 more clones! They are Private Reserve clippings that I took from my current girls in the ScrOG. All three have been kept in solo cups with plastic bags over the tops for 3 weeks now ( remove the bag daily). All in 80% soil 20% coco. They haven't been growing much to be honest.

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  5. Here is a visual rendering of what I plan to do:

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  6. Pics from tonight:
    Still week 4.
    Using the light under the canopy to give them extra light at night.

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  7. I have a 200cfm fan hooked up to my carbon filter, which does a good job of pulling air in. I also have a fan on top blowing air onto the canopy.
  8. Bought the supplies I needed for my SOG. Unfortunately I couldn't find two 1x2' trays so I decided on a 22x20" tray that should hold 12 plants and leave plenty of room on the sides for them to branch out.
    I know with SOG you usually don't let the plants branch out much. Is it okay you think if I allow them to do so considering I'll have so much side space?

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