Something is eating my plants! Help!

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  1. Been a little over a week now with this problem. I've tried spraying a mild insecticide with seemingly no results. Undersides of the leaves look healthy and spotless. What the hell is doing this to my plants guys? Could it be insects laying eggs in the soil? I just can't identify the problem!

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  2. Interesting. When I've had "chewers" they weren't concentrated on the edges, but throughout the leaves and in the center. What I would be at least as or more concerned about is how much your leaf edges/points are turning up. How hot is it in your grow zone?

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  3. It's always 80-85 with the lights on. Unfortunately I can't do any better right now with my setup. Do you think this is a foliage eating insect, a fungus, or a problem in the soil? Things were going so well until now :(
  4. I know the heat is a problem I was just hoping it wouldn't turn into a major thing. I can't control my temps any better at the moment.
  5. I have a rotating fan and a humidifier inside my tent, I've been thinking about replacing both with an evaporative air cooler / humidifier / fan all in one type thing. It shouldn't take up any more space and should help with my temperatures, do you guys agree? I'd like to get this problem figured out first though.
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    I have currently been having this same thing happening to me, on my first grow. No one could really steer me in the correct direction. I had read someone say that misting the plants could be amplifying the light and making it burn, but other say that is not true.

    I am using a 600w LED light about 24"-30" inches over the plant tops. My plants are healthy.

    The consenus was to use Neem Oil on the plants (not an insecticide..because someone will be smoking these at some point). Neem Oil is a natural fat from plants, coat the leaves with it and whatever eats them will get sick and die off. I've been spraying my plants once a week for the last three weeks. I also spray the soil top, because Thirps live in the soil and they are tiny (although no one really thinks they cause this kind of problem). The problem is diminishing.

    I have a thread with some pics, and if you check them out, you'll see some of my leaves look eaten like yours.

    chewed leaves:

    my thread:
    I'm a beginner making every mistake

    The chewed leaves was from 03/13. if you look at the most recent pics, you'll see that after two weeks of neem oil, i'm doing better.

    Good Luck!
  7. It's because those aren't common bites to see in a cannabis plant if they're bites at all. I used pyrethrins on a couple and it got rid of the bugs over night but it comes with up to a week recovery time. Just picked up some neem myself, it's very highly recommended by the masses.
  8. Thank you so much guys. I've been using the soft insecticide soap, but obviously I need to mix up some cold pressed need oil solution and spray them. Do you suggest daily spraying or more often than once a day? I'll start the treatment today. The soap insecticide I've been using seems non effective.
  9. weekly is the info i got. sounds like it helps control powdery mildew too. I'd be careful using neem in flower because it will probably make for some nasty tasting buds.
  10. Main thing that would eat the edges are caterpillars and slugs. You are indoor though so that is strange. Yellow lady bugs land and put random holes then leave. You can't do shit about them but they do not do much damage.

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  11. That's what I was thinking, but they would definitely be some point. And slugs leave a trail. Had pillars on my outdoor grow, removed them manually, and sprinkled the soil with diatomaceous earth (food grade).

    I would definitely consider picking some up and putting across the top of the soil. It will discourages most crawlies and isn't expensive. Doesn't hurt the grow and is non-toxic to peeps.

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  12. Just got back from my local grow shop. The consensus seems to be thrips, I showed them a picture under normal lighting, not my yellow HPS, and they identified some small white buildups as feces. I'll attach a pic of what I'm using to combat them, just gave the girls their first dose and I'll keep it up every 3 days.

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  13. I'm assuming that only applies to food grade because my bag of it isn't food grade and it's got so many warnings on it i'm scared to use it inside my tent.
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  14. Azamax will kill them for sure. The guy at my hydro store keeps pushing it on me but holy crap it's expensive.
  15. Thankfully the girls are still in veg, so I have a couple more weeks to get this sorted before I start flower. I'll update my grow thread soon.

    Update! My very first grow.
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  16. PNW, good to hear man. It was almost 50 bucks for the Azamax and the wetting agent, but I'm so scared of losing my girls after investing SO much. It's my very first grow after all, my inexperience is unfortunately starting to become apparent.
  17. Yes. Though even the food grade bag is mostly warnings! Says safe for pets, humans, and wildlife! in huge letters. Then the rest of the print is skulls n xbones? :D

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  18. You don't have thrips. I don't think you have any pests. I get deformed/damaged leaves like that now and then. It never stays around long, I don't give it much thought any more
  19. But it's been going on over 2 weeks now, and it's showing up more and on more plants

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