So I want to invest in a grinder...

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  1. I was just looking at stuff on the GC shop and not sure what I'm looking for in a good grinder. I know I want a 4-piece, but I don't need to get anything really high-end. I wanted to keep it under 30 bucks and was looking at this:

    Black Leaf - Anodized Aluminum Herb Grinder - 4-part - 50mm -

    Is it good for the price? Any other recommendations? Thanks in advance.

    PS. Posted this already in 'Other Toking Tools', but I believe this subforum is more appropriate. Sorry for the double-post.
  2. Get a sharpstone or a chromium crusher at a headshop, keef catcher and all for around 30 bones. Space cases are good too, but are expensive.
  3. Amazon or eBay... Make sure it comes with a pollen press.
  4. from experience, its easier to just pay more up front than buying 3 shitty ones. Ive had 3 bad ones that were cheap, and I bought a real nice one, and its lasted double as long as all three of the others put together
  5. I have a Santa Cruz shredder, and it's literally the best grinder ive ever owned. Had a sharp stone with the vibrator at the bottom before this one and it doesn't even compare. It's the first medical grade grinder ever that fluffs your weed instead of ripping it. You should check them out, reasonably priced, for an amazing grinder
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    Gotta say, I bought a Sharpstone about 7 months ago, was fine at first, but has pretty much sucked the past month.

    It gets stuck on itself at times when I grind, sometimes INCREDIBLY stuck, where I have to let it sit for a day before it calms down. Whereas I used to have one of those metallic looking ones with a design on the top....used that bad boy for about 6 years without cleaning it ONCE. And I traveled across the country with it.

    So I know sharpstone is supposedly one of the better companies, and it looks and feels solid, but I have not had a good experience with them. I'm sure I can just put it in some warm water to clear things up (I dunno, it's pretty sticky, might need some Grime-Off or something), but I just think it's odd I never had to do that once with my cheaper grinder (I think around $15-$20) as opposed to my $40 one.
  7. I love my Kannastör
  8. To be honest man I went through a lot of grinders space case is the way to go. Don't blow money trying to find a cheaper grinder and then have to replace it anyway.
  9. I'd go with metal and its like the best investment you will make.
  10. Just don't go cheap. Spending 50-60 for a nice grinder is an average lhs price.
  11. Space case. Smallest one is like 50 but thats all you need and it will last yearly. My friend has those sharpstone/american grinders and they kinda suck. Space's are smoothe, and all around great quality.

    Verdict: Space Case.
  12. I just want to give you retrospection.

    In a 4 piece grinder it took me about 1.5 ounces all ground up to get this much.

    I took out my screen part all together and now use a kief box if I want to have kief/hash. I got 2.5 grams from 12 grams in my box as you'll see below.

    Other than that there's almost no point in a 4 piece grinder if you barely collect anything, you know? I say get a cheaper 2 piece then get a kief box down the road. but if you're set on the 4 piece - so be it.



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