Slight Lean Help - Good Or Bad?

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  1. My grow is about a month from sprout today. The other day i lowered my fan a little and when i came back in the morning it had caused this girl (right in front of the fan) to have a slight lean at the top. I turned the pot so now shes getting pushed the other way and raised the fan, but did i hurt my plant? This is my first grow so any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

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  2. You should either top or pin down the main stalk on your plants. They aren't hurt.
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  3. its good, auxins(hormones will keep her straight,
    more concern should be addressed to the salad at the plants base
    looking good check here: GWE

    good luck
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  4. Thanks! I have a scrog on standby but havent dont any topping/lst. Its my first go through so really trying not to fuck anything up haha
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  5. Thanks! I love my cover crop but man shes starting to get out of control. Im pushing her down daily and she keeps growing lol
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  6. yur not gonna mess it up topping it. Just going to increase the amount of tops at the canopy.
    I am presuming these are regular photosensitive seeds that will require a drop in the light schedule to 12/12 (light/dark).
    They look healthy ;)
    you might enjoy this info thread:
    How To SCROG
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  7. Thank you!!!! My buddy told me i should not top and learn how they grow naturally since its my first time, would you say the yield difference is significant in topping versus not topping?
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  8. this plant I topped and trained.

    and this plant I topped and scrogged

    and I also mentioned in my earlier message that you don't need to top the plant, but you can choose to pin the top to the ground, like these:
    if you look closely within the red circles you will see a metal wire that has been pressed deep into the soil; it holds down the top. This way, the side branches will start to behave like tops, or more accurately, develop apical dominance.

    More tops, more buds. More light on the buds, the better the buds.
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  9. While thats not bad advice perse, I fell into the same line of thinking early in my grow hobby, you can grow some decent plants naturally, typically getting a nice big fat cola and varying degrees of popcorn or smaller colas. (pic is like my second grow ever so plants didn't look the best, but will give you an idea.

    What I didn't realize is that screening is not nearly as complex as I had thought, just one simple snip at the right time in veg (clean your pruning shears, scissors, etc first) on about a 45 angle, is all it takes. Pick a node where you want to halt the main stem growth and snip the main step just above the node (where the leaves come out), there are like 3-4 viable places you could top this pic plant depending on how many branches you want to fool with.
    Picture1 line.jpg

    A few weeks later (at same age) 2 plants produce this, instead of the "natural" plant pics I put first.
    Basically instead of one big fat cola, you now get a nice cola off of every branch remaining from where you topped it (makes the plant redistribute growth hormones to the branches)

    Eventually you will find your "sweet spot" where you know how many branches you want to keep or manage, sometimes I'll only do 4 or 6 branches and really see if I can make them one solid cola (less branches = more light on what remains)

    This was one I had to cut early due to legal plant number limitations in may area, if I had let it go a few more weeks it would have probably been something pretty impressive (but since it was still early, it became butter)

    Like Trojan showed you above, you can also get similar or possibly better results without cutting the plant at all, just tying it down and letting it grow sideways so the nodes can grow straight up, or any number of crazy plant training people do around here.

    Anyway mate best of luck, know that it took me the better part of 2 years to get to this point (from dead 0 growing knowledge) but every grow was a marked improvement, and filled me with new ideas and knowledge to make subsequent grows even better!
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  10. I thought that I was the only one that did this. I used wire snips and coat hangers to make a sort of hoop to hold the top lower than the side growth. I do this even after fimming/topping. You get great side growth to balance your canopy. Then the scrog net to help separate even more as she grows. I'd also suggest getting some bamboo or other type of garden stakes. Towards the end of flower big heavy buds might need to be supported a bit.
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