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  1. So I'm wondering if any of y'all kno some good intake fans for a setup? Thanks!
  2. You have to specify how big you want your fan to be. Do you want a computer fan for a small setup, a bigger one, a monster one for warehouses?
    I don't know muh but i am sure the nice people here will help you but you have to help them first.
  3. Hehe yea true :p ait so I'm using a grow tent that's 60x60x160 cm so I'm looking for a small and SILENT fan under 30 db that is 4 inches / 100 mm so I can use it with a carbon filter :)
  4. I was looking at the TT100 intake and outtake fans. The higher end ones even had fan speed controller but they don't come cheap. You can check professionalgrow for more info. :)
    I was wondering if anyone knows if you could use those silent computer fans for such a small grow.. Would they work with the carbon filter?
  5. Yes small pc fans will work with a small grow and a carbon filter can be fitted but you have to make sure there are no air leaks
  6. Check on this one. I use 2 of them for my pc grow and they work really good. Connect it to 12v and it'll do.

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  7. skylife's Silent Eagle looks pretty sweet! Seems to fit swedishtoker's grow description
    WaxPayne- Itd be cool to hear how well the fan works and also how loud it is. I'll wait for your update :)
  8. ^Should be here and setup by next week (pray for no shipping delays due to severe weather conditions.) If i dont follow up here (which I plan to do since im subbed) I'll post a link to my thread "exhausting a mini-grow tent" :)
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