Should I transplant or keep here?

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  1. Should I leave in these pots? Smallest is 2.5 gallons thr bigger one is 3.5gl. Should I put them all in 5 gallon pots? Also any advice would be nice. This is my first grow just simple outdoor good soil and nutrients and plenty of sun. I am having moderate issues with this Oklahoma wind. Anything I could do about that? Other than that they look good so far, little buit of nutrition burn on the bottom leaves but they look pretty good to me. How can I determine the sex? Pretty sure they're all females though, hopefully lol. 20190603_125723.jpg 20190603_125723.jpg 20190603_125834.jpg 20190603_125723.jpg 20190603_125859.jpg
  2. I have a terrible memory, but... I know I've seen these plants, before.
    In my humble opinion; yes.
    They will grow larger.
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  3. 5 usg is good even minimal

    seek out a compost with high peat content to hold more water

    so use less nute as the wind if constant will dry them out quick

    good luck
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  4. If its an outdoor grow you will need stability as they get taller, bushier and bouncing in the wind. 5 gal minimum and you'll have to tie them. If its spring for you as well and have long summer before flowering why not go big with 15gal??
  5. Yea man you have. We conversated a while back about lighting. These are the same plants. Still vegetating. The 2 bigger ones are starting to release some danky aromas
  6. Its summer now. I started this grow in April. I'm thinking of putting them in 10 gallon containers and finishing them in those. I dont want them to get tooo large this is just for my personal stash. I might give some away but this is my first ever grow so I'm gonna keep all this mostly to myself and family. Now for stability what's some suggestions?
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  7. Sounds perfect! For stability you could tie them on 2 or 3 sides with rope and tent stake.
  8. **i mean a camping tent here

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