[SERIOUS] The "Dad Bod" on young adults... what's so attractive about it?

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    disclaimer for SJW's or others offended: soz lol. This shit's serious research though. May contain sensitive material which I will not be held accountable for.

    Replies may be used for research essay. All answers will be considered, anyone regardless of age, sex, or orientation may reply. You can respond with yourself in mind, but am looking for answers for your preferred gender/partner.

    Normally I'm not the kind of guy to make a post like this, but I was opening a new tab on Microsoft Edge (which defaults to your frequently browsed sites/MSN sponsored clickbaity news articles), as soon as I saw Seth Rogen on the cover, I knew what it was going to be about. Decided this may be a good time to find info for an essay at my university.

    According to this MSN study and a surprising amount of others, (Surveys say this male body type is considered the most attractive), 7/10 women prefer the "Dad Bod"... i.e. (I tried to pick some pretty unbiased examples, all images sourced from Google).

    dad-bod.jpg zzzxc.jpg af668364f70d4604815dd9c06eee2294.jpg

    So we've seen some pretty classic examples of this body type... the preferred type of body.

    Now of course there's stereotypes that guys that workout are often assholes or self absorbed douche bags... which many times are true. There's times where those who are less confident in their bodies end up being very nice and funny and cordial... which of course can be true as well. So go ahead and set aside any stereotypes you have... just paying attention to body, and not the face, financial/celebrity status, or their personality.

    Any and all may respond to this, but why exactly does our "supposed statistic" say 70% prefer this type? as opposed to something like this (again, tried to find unbiased, google sourced results), built and you can tell they are in great shape that's not too hard to obtain/maintain, but not stupidly vascular or big:
    I am obviously leaving out the low bodyfat spectrum.

    jake-miller-shirtless-4.jpg fuck.jpg

    the one below is pushing it

    and then there's pro bodybuilders


    One of my hypotheses is that people just like the "average" for their preferred gender.. such as how I don't like muscular girls, but a little bit of build/curve/slim can't hurt. Honestly, as long as they aren't overweight, I don't give a shit.

    These are examples of what a guy like myself is attracted to, face and personality not included:
    example 1.jpg
    especially 3.jpg
    example 2.jpg example 4.jpg

    whereas this is pushing it (nice face though)
    example 5.jpg

    Anyway guy or girl, straight or gay, just leave me your feedback and what you think... not on my write up, but I want to hear YOUR opinions on an "ideal" body type and what YOU seek in a partner. I will assume this post is OK and appropriate for the section.

    Replies may be used for research essay.
  2. im just gonna throw this out there... that those celebs with dad bods are attractive because of the metric shit tons of money they have.
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  3. Agreed, however the only pictures I can find or will be using are going to be of famous people or images anyone can find online... I do not want to invade someone's privacy by posting their pictures.

    Disregarding their personality, face, and celebrity status, I should add.

    - will keep financial status in mind for certain cases.
  4. Huh - I'm a dad 3 times over for well over 20 years, and I still don't have any money lol

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  5. The dad bod usually comes from a sympathy belly, I believe. This is something I've run into with my prego gf. She loves it whereas everyone in my family points it out and tells me to start working out.
    For her it's the whole "sympathetic" part of whole thing.
    I for one am not a huge fan of my newfound belly, but my appetite is voracious nowadays.

    Getting off subject a lil here, sorry. It may be because of the whole anti body shaming movement where a man with a dad bod is less likely to push the whole 'you need to lose weight and look more fit' because of their own body stature

    Re-Start Grow #1
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  6. Its because women know how much work goes into getting super ripped and somebody that has the time to be that way probably does not make a ton of money would be my guess.
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    The article starts with According to Women's Health.....Planet Fitness, a gym which advocates for body acceptance...


    I'm calling "Fake News" on this. Body acceptance propaganda at best.

    I'm not sure how they structured the questions of their "survey" or which men or women were polled, but almost every single in shape guy can get laid better, and does, than the out of shape ones. Not all, but as a general rule.
    This was the case in high school, in college, and currently around the office.
    One of the biggest reasons (not the only one) men work out in the first place, is because it is a proven technique to attract more women. Obviously there are many health benefits, but as a golden cherry on top, most women have been flocking to a tight six pack and powerful arms since the invention of the sabertooth tiger.

    I guarantee a lot of the chix polled may say they prefer the dad bod when asked for a women's health survey of a gym that "advocates body acceptance", but when it's Saturday night at the club, the perfectly chiseled boytoy (with game) is taking the chick home 9 out of 10 times.

    Dad bod is what happens to you when you age, your testosterone drops, and real life responsibilities prevent you from regularly exercising and taking harder and harder steps to replenish that lost testosterone. While I'm sure some people may be genuinely into it, I am also sure they are a tiny minority.

    Dad bod is "hot" like rompers are "hot".

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  8. I don't really think its sexy or w/e for a man to be like that, That's why i'm glad my husband is obsessed with Physical fitness and Martial arts he is always in great shape.
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  9. Man, I'm over 50, get up at 3:30-4:00am, work long days and don't get home till after 5:30 most days. The absolute very last thing I'm doing when I get home from work is to start working out LOL

    Definitely not fat but the stomach area is probably a little softer than it used to be lol
    Tonika you're one of the lucky ones lol

    When I was on the roof for most of my career I was lean and tight. These days in the office, not quite as much lol

    I've still gotta say tho, and I'm sure that all are different but when I get home after working long days everyday, and especially when I was out in the field the very last thing on my mind was even more exercise.

    You're lucky that your husband has the time and drive to do so.

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  10. @Praetorian - what the heck are those "guys" wearing??? Lol!!

    I don't even know what to say about these outfits. People don't actually wear them do they? I mean, men? Hahahahaha.... lol


    Can't help myself lol

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  11. I pretty much have to agree with this. I am older and this has always been the way things have played out.
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  12. Hope I did not offend you or anything I don't have a problem with those kind of people they are just not my type.
  13. Good lord no of course not :)
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  14. I am not a fan of the dad bod. I like tall and thin men. Only men exemplary of what type of man i find physically attractive are my bf and snoop dogg lol
  15. These are examples of what a guy like myself is attracted to, face and personality not included:

    Anyway guy or girl, straight or gay, just leave me your feedback and what you think... not on my write up, but I want to hear YOUR opinions on an "ideal" body type and what YOU seek in a partner. I will assume this post is OK and appropriate for the section.

    Replies may be used for research essay.

    This is who I'm looking for. Somewhere in Mexico I think......

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  16. I agree with you!
  17. I believe I read somewhere that women prefer men with "dad bod" because they feel that it makes them look better in comparison.

    Basically, they don't want their man looking better than them. If a guy is all cut, then they become more self conscious about their own appearance.

    Pretty fucked actually.
  18. I've had a flu for the last 8 days and have barely managed 100 calories per day so I'm looking pretty buff.

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  19. I wonder if there is some evolutionary thing. For most of human history 'dad bod' would probably mean you have access to plenty food. It's actually not all that healthy to have super low body fat (I am talking really low) as your body needs that to get through periods of stress (illnesses, etc.).
  20. More cushion for the pushing I always say
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