Re-Start Grow #1

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  1. As for my grow room I have done some reorganizing. Turning it into DTW since my plants are so sick I check them daily. I don't use the full/drain, so I made more room in the tent. I also transplanted a PTW into 80coco/20soil. I ran out of coco to fill up to the brim, so I mixed soil into it. I'm also thinking about doing that with the other buckets too since the plants are about 3 inches down from the top of the bucket. As for the other solo cups they're probably going to just get tore up, and inserted into the soil of some of the other plants. Maybe 1 more transplant

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  2. [​IMG]
    Doing this bumped my humidity up a whole 4%! But that's probably all the water evaporating from the spilled lines I removed from each bucket.
    The temp has been at 84 ever since my gf angrily unplugged everything. So long nice perfect stable 77.
    Sorry if I bombarded your phones with updates on this thread, I just did a whole lot. Didn't wanna make a book out of 1 post

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  3. Temperature still 84 point something. I tried readjusting fans, but the tent gets quite bloated if I don't have them set perfectly equal.
    The only reason I can think of for the temp change is moving the thermometer into the center underneath the T5 instead of the corner underneath the LED.. Maybe I should take that light out? But there goes more watts, and being able to take pictures that aren't LED... I could raise the T5 up more, but I feel it'd just be covering the tops of the LED lights in that case.
    ANY INPUT greatly appreciated

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    Gorilla glue, girl #2.

    There's a lean to her because of the lst I put her through before I cut the tie due to.. Other stressors

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  5. It's photo journal time. I can't leave the others out just because they aren't all looking good.
    There are two long skinny strains, I believe j.s.s., that aren't really coming back. The rest are almost there. Just a few bad leaves. Like I believe I said before though, I read phosph deficient old leaves never come back. It's the new growth ya gotta look at

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  6. Before&After of whole tent. Just like to look at the comparison

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  7. I bought a bigger tent, and that fixed my temp/humidity slight problem. It went from 80+ and 25 humidity to 73-78 and 40-50 humidity.
    Also a grower friend came over, and helped me with the plants. Topped off the coco with soil. This just overnight improved my plant health. I have no clue how to go about feeding them, but I'll figure it out
    Before topsoil: [​IMG]
    After top soil overnight:[​IMG]
    It doesn't even look like the same plant

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  8. I opted to do a transplant last night. The other 8 will follow suit rather quickly. I'm upgrading to 5 gallon buckets. Some are half gal now, so that'll be a jump for them. It'll have to work being that I don't want to make them do too many transplants. Others are 3 gal, so it won't be so bad for them. The 3gals are coco, so going from coco to soil will be very difficult[​IMG] [​IMG]

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  9. Feels like they've been in veg for forever. Today I'm putting them all in 5 gal soil pots. The coco will be mixed in with the soil, but those mostly coco pots gots to go. Vegging for only one more month hopefully, maybe month and a half.
    Picking up fox farms ocean forest, and perlite or pumice.. Or both, after work today for the upgrade

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  10. [​IMG]
    Maybe I'll take a pic no led tomorrow, but tonight I'm beat after transplanting 6 of them. The coco ones left are going to be a bitch..
    One lost root mass, but i transplanted into gro pro myco/fox farms mix, and added myco & slf 40 to the water. I think she'll recover from that beating.
    The other was corky enough to just pull out without much trouble.
    There's one showing sings of transplant shock just an hour later, so will see how she's doing in the morning.
    Going from a 3 gal hydro led grow to a 5 gal soil led grow. Of course the ones in coco kept it in the root mass, but there's enough soil around the coco to feed the plant its nutes
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  11. [​IMG]
    After scrog, kind of mediocre. My clones don't have enough branches to spread out.
    Part of me thinks I didn't do it right, but not much else I can do.
    I am scared to do any lollipopping, so I'm just picking leaves that are smallish and may be getting in the way of better growth. Also picking at the sickly leaves since all they seem to do is take energy away from the plant to try and heal that mess

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  12. I know its to early and you have lots of issues to deal with. You're tent shouldn't be bloated at all. Actually just the opposite. Negative pressure is needed once your plants start stinking. With the correct negative pressure the tent will be slightly sucked in. If it's bloated it will be pushing smell out of every seam and zipper the filter will be useless. $2600 for that set up is outrageous.
  13. Anyway, lol l for one think they look fab!
  14. Thanks for that info, very much appreciated. I upgraded to an 8 x 8 tent, and there's no bulge or suck in.
    $2600 is outrageous, now I don't even use any of it besides the led lights pretty much. I bought a new tent, new buckets, dirt, and nutes. I have to harvest like 30 ounces to break even now lol HELP ME ACHIEVE 30!

    Re-Start Grow #1
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  15. Maybe I missed it but what kind of hydro is this? You're using soil as your medium? Never seen this style. I used to run a dwc setup and that was awesome for me. Low maint style of hydro.
    Looks like it'd be easy to swap to a "soil" grow, you mentioned you envied soil growers. Youre doing good for your first grow.
    Idk if it's been answered but you were asking what your t5 lights were. Those are fluorescent lights. Depending on the bulb you could have any spectrum. Don't know if your still running that light. I'm to lazy to read right now sorry haha
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  17. I actually scrapped the hydro stuff, and switched to 5 gal soil grow with some coco(since The rootball consists of coco.)
    Thanks for the T5 answer! I actually looked at the bulb today, and looked it up. I'm getting some 5k high output led T5s to replace them hopefully soon

    Re-Start Grow #1
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  18. Yea if you're growing in five gal buckets like the Home Depot ones I'd drill some holes for drainage and to allow oxygen to get to the roots.
    Your stuff is def looking much better. One pointer I like to give people that are new to growing or using nutrients is "less is more" I feel a lot of your issues were caused from a heavy hand.
    My first grow was very similar to this. Once I backed off on nutes my plants loved me. Can't say much on the LEDS because I've always ran HID. But they look much better. Honest to god. I have the best results when I just leave them alone. I wouldn't lollypop or anything they're still kinda small for that. I would've topped then scrogged the new tops. My two cents. I'm expirenced but I'm not expert
  19. They're the black gro pro 5gals, so they have big holes on the bottom of the sides already.
    I f'd up in the beginning, and fed them double what they should've got for one whole feeding, as well as giving them 4.6 water instead of 5.6. So yeah, I definitely learned that lesson haha.
    I can't really top these since all branches are asymmetrical. The middles are all bud sites with 2 small leaves hugging it

    Re-Start Grow #1
  20. image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg There's no reason to not be able to top. You can't top as late as two weeks into flower. You top those bud sites, or whatever you wanna call your main shoot, and it will grow a Y shape with two new "bud sites" with the little leaves and everything lol. Here's pics of aftermath of topping. Also if you keep culling the lower branches there only going to grow straight up like that.
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