seeking advice 3rd week from sprout

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Laucass83, Mar 14, 2019.

  1. WIN_20190314_17_00_08_Pro.jpg WIN_20190314_17_01_11_Pro.jpg WIN_20190314_17_00_18_Pro.jpg WIN_20190314_17_00_08_Pro.jpg WIN_20190314_17_01_11_Pro.jpg WIN_20190314_17_00_18_Pro.jpg WIN_20190314_17_03_35_Pro.jpg Growing 2 fem Northern Lights from seeds.
    Space is 2x4 closet
    Medium is mix of peat Moss, vermiculite, coco and lime (jiffy supreme)
    Light is 200w t5 6500k. 10 on\2 off. Will add 250w hps for end veg. and flower
    No feeding yet
    Fan blowing the top.

    First seedling is stunt and showed sign of leaf diseases.
    (I did everything wrong by using outoor garden tools and wood.)
    new growth is just not comming out. What can I do?
    Can the bacteria or fungus on her leaf come back later on?
    dose it worth keeping her for learning and testing?

    Second one Is looking good!
    I would appreciate any comments on my Firmming..

    I wax planning on buying the Fox farm nutrients what do you think of it and what should I add (calcium magnésium, anything else....??

    Tank you Everyone!!

    Edit leaves are droping cause they needed water
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  2. Typically a underwatered or thirsty plant will droop at the stem, when the leaves droop and look kinda thick and wavy like yours it's usually overwatering. Either way improper watering habits can cause nutrient problems.
    The brown spots I'm assuming is what you're talking about? That could be a simple cal/mag def starting.. hard to tell. If it was a virus from outside I think it would have been apparent earlier in its life and would be more affected by now.

    I have never used bottled nutrients so I cant really say much.. heres a link to growdiaries stats on most used/best reviewed nutrients lines.. it's a weed growing social site, the reviews are from real people not advertisements
    Nutrients rating. Nutrient producers reviews - GrowDiaries
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  3. Thanx for your advice. I'll review my watering.. do you recommand a full watering with overflow or light watering from the top? First time with that soil blend it seems to hold a lot of water. Usually I'm growing (tomates) in regular top soil..
    Also as this is my 1st cannabis grow, should I go Organic right now? No feeding yet... my goal is taste, then potency, then yield. How hard (or easy) is it to maintain good healthy plants?
    thanx again Friend,
    have a great week end!
  4. My local grow shop have the Canna.. seems to have good reviews and they are organic.
    should be my choice and will go Sunday.
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    You haven't given them any nutrients at all? I'm surprised they have got to that size as coco and peat doesn't have nutrients in it

    What leaf disease are you referring to?

    It looks like the fimming attempt didn't work as you didn't take enough off, but you're better off just straight topping anyway. Fimming is a pointless gimmick with zero benefit taking your control away

    There's no need to add specific minerals like calcium and magnesium as you are just going to end up with your nute ratio being imbalanced. Buy a complete and balanced for cannabis nutrient and use that on every watering and that will provide all the minerals the plants need

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  6. Thank you Gold Grower for your comments.
    As for leaf diseases here is a picture of the outbreak 2 weeks ago... black spots on leaf with shinny golden-brown center. I had about 10 of these. At the time humidity was way too high and night temps under 60. I ajusted my light cycle and lower humidity no more sign of it WIN_20190310_10_31_30_Pro.jpg

    So I should start feeding asap? Do you think there is hope for the small one will it give a boast she is growing same set of leaf for 10 days!!!!

    Is my medium (peat, Coco, vermiculite and lime) good to use for repot? Bought This as seedling mix.

  7. Those spots look like water damage probably from condensation caused by the high humidity if not from splashing when you're watering. It's not something I would worry about.
    Are the patching getting bigger or staying the same?

    Feeding is definitely something I would start now, what are you planning to use?

    Hope? Yeah they both look fine, growth has probably slowed due to a lack of nutes.

    Lime is not something I would add because cannabis prefer a slightly acidic soil. Peat and coco wouldn't be my preferred option as you should use coco specific nutes when using coco. But it can work
  8. Patches are the same. Colour Is slightly turning to rust..
    Nutes will be Canna brand. If I keep Coco and peat will buy Canna Coco.

    thanx again, gotta go work now... later
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  9. There is a lot of info that I’ve read basically stating that in coco adding cal mag is essential.

    I have two gg#4 strains in my flower tent right now along with 4 other plants. But I topped in gg and fimmed the other. Topped plant got 2 new mains. And the fim plant got 6. So how is that no added benefit and a gimmick?
  10. If you're chosen nutrient contains enough calcium and magnesium then obviously there is no benefit to adding more. If it doesn't have enough then you should probably change the nutrient anyway as the company isn't making a suitable product

    It's no added benefit because when you top, you choose how many leaders you're left with. Pinch off after 6 and you'll be left with 6. Pinch off after 4 and you'll have 4. You literally choose whatever amount you want. But with fimming, it's a complete gamble with how many you get, and that's if you fim correctly. Literally 9 out of 10 times I see people trying to fim on here, don't actually achieve it and merely break off a bit of leaf and the crown just grows out with damage leaves

    Hope that answers your Qs

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  11. So I tought about it and won't use Coco for repot.
    should I repot before giving regular non coco specific nutes?
  12. I don’t think that answered anything. My next door neighbor runs an indoor grow for connected, who producing some of the best dope in the world, and they run calimagic alongside canna coco. I’m pretty sure they don’t do that for no reason.

    And people fimming incorrectly doesn’t take anything away from that style of training. That’s their problem. When done correctly it’s absolutkey a beneficial method.
  13. Fimming update!!
    I've done my homework and made It good!
    Lots of new top comming out.

    Lets see the benefits then i'll decide what Is best for me!
    Reminds me on a tomatoe crop I had one plant with chromosome mutation "Whorled Phyllotaxy"
    In the end It was top much for the plant and did not produce more

    WIN_20190317_08_41_01_Pro.jpg WIN_20190317_08_41_28_Pro.jpg
  14. I never said they did. I've never even met your next door neighbour. I don't know what any of that has to do with what I just said.

    Yes it does, as I have already explained. It seems like you aren't reading what I'm writing
  15. That looks like you've straight topped it. The top pair of nodes are intact as are the next pair down. These will all grow normally

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