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  1. Ok I am seriously confused as hell. I went to lowes/home depot trying to find some pro-mix soil w/out water crystals and got totally lost. There was potting mix w/fertilizer made by miracle grow tree and shrub soil like wtf do i get someone please help me!?:eek:
  2. Neither, need to do more reading i'd say.
  3. go to home depot and get cow shit organic compost, thats what i use, plants seem to love it
  4. wow you helped alot
  5. Whats the actual name of it and like who makes it because i was so lsot today man it was def giving me a migraine? THanks
  6. What kind of lights and nutrients are you gonna use?
  7. Outside at first and after the roots start growing out of the little pot im moving them inside using a hps kit i got off ebay for like 100 bucks 1000w?

  8. earthgro is what its called, its a white bag, runs 1.39 for a 40 pound bag
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    I'm (and many others are) using Miracle Grow potting soil and getting excellent results:

    Regular MG potting soil (with time released fertilizer) is fine. Just don't over water MG. Mix 4 parts MG with 1 part perlite. Put a 1/2" of perlite at the bottom of your pot too. The perlite will give you an excellent balance of water drainage and water retention. Get perlite that does not have plant food infused in it.

    Do read more grow guides and books before you start growing. I reaserched for three months before I started setting up my grow and it has paid off.
  10. i bought perlite at a home depot..
    organic potting mix at a nursery..
    regular potting mix at a super market(Stop N Shop)..
    And a bag of Cactus soil and mixed it all together..
  11. Pro-mix works pretty good, or black gold from freddies. my wal-mart has recently been carrying pro-mix. id say get either one, anything without nutes already added will do!
  12. There are masses of threads dealing with soil mixes, search them and you will learn a lot. You have to decide if you want to grow organic or chemical factory. Being sarcastic to someone who suggsets you make an effort is not a good way to get on here.
  13. Stickies are a big help here as you should find,and some here are drunks at times but not always.If you dont have a specialty nursery and HD/Lowes is all you have,get MG organic and as noob has said add 20% perlite and mix well,that will work fine.
  14. Remebmer, while your @ it you need a few more things ...

    Plant food, nutrients
    PH Water
    PH meter
    Soil humidity checker
    dolomite lime

    I can think about 400 more things but this would be the absolute basic minimum. Sounds like you need to soak in some good knowledge which everyone has to do to be succesfull. I wish you the best of luck and if you need help there's always someone cool who will come along and help so no stress, just allot of patience is needed :)

    Enjoy, be safe and most of all ... have fun
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    If you think that everyone who suggests you make an effort to research your desired topic is a drunk then you certainly won´t get on too well here.
  16. I asked a simple question about soil. I didn't ask how to look it up when i already did and know how. Do the math and quit acting like you rule the forums.
    1.Someone ask's a question needing help answer if you dont know ignore it dont put in your two cents if you know say something to help out its simple.:p
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    Yep... he should have pointed you HERE when he told you to read more...

    Personally I'm doing my first soil grow and I'm having issues.
    I'd much rather switch back to the Lucas Formula in a 5 gallon bucket with an aquarium pump.. hose and 1" airstone. (See the bubble bucket and Lucas Formula link on the website I mentioned above)

    Growth is SOOOOO much faster and there isn't any of this complicated soil crap.
    (Soil is DIRTY TOO! It gets freaking EVERYWHERE!)
  18. Soil is great for first timers although i feel with the right equiptment and some basic mech. knowage hydro IS a cleaner and less labor intensive as soil,but i will always take extra cuts and have soil as well to compair quality until im convinsed hydro does just as good.
  19. Thanks for the input i decided to not just jump into it and do a lot of research first. Cause im going back to a*dam in October and I wanna know what im doing when i bring back some dank seeds. Thanks for the inputs guys.
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    You'll be VERY glad you did and so will your plants.

    Once you have more specific questions not answered by the recovered FAQ and the stickies here on GC... make sure you stop in and ask them. We'll be more than happy to help you out. :) (I'm sure you'll agree that we just don't have the time for hand holding. Heheh No offense.)

    GROW ON and let us know what you pick up in Amsterdam!

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