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  1. Hello fellow growers,

    I am fairly new to growing and was wondering if I could get a second opinion. One of my plants has yellows spotting on a mid tier fan leaf. I think it could be a Phosphorus deficiency. Let me know what you think. If the picture isn't enough, I am happy to answer any questions or post more pictures. Thank you!

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  2. How is the newest growth?

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  3. no nutes for 2 -3 weeks will let the plant catchup

    see to your temp thats red stems I see

    perhaps to a cool night?

    good luck
  4. Interesting, so the red stems are temperature fluctuation? That makes a lot of sense. Initially I thought it might be a magnesium deficiency. Thank you for your help!
  5. The new growth seems relatively okay. A few of the tips on the new growth are slightly yellow.
  6. You are over fertilizing your plants. Leaves are too dark green. If color changes are on old growth, don't worry too much. Anything low on the plant is usually due to light being shaded out by growth up top. If you want better growth, up the light. Light causes growth and nutes feed. Read up on both to get a better understanding. Light is the most important equipment to the indoor grow.
  7. I will definitely lower the nutrient levels, and increase the light a bit. Thank you for your reply! The strain I'm growing is Big Bud. The plants are a couple months old and about 15 inches tall. I water typically between every 5-7 days. Every other watering I use nutrients. I use Fox Farm nutrients and still feed between 1/3- 1/2 the recommended dose. Do you recommend I stick to about 1/3? I thought for sure they would need higher nutrient levels by now.
  8. Okay perfect! There aren't really any other concerning leaves. Thank you for your reply!

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