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  1. I've been growing in my in my superlocker and my plant got to big about 4-6 inches from the light and couldnt control the temp in the cab spent a few days under 85-90 degree heat. I ordered a 4x4 and transferred it over (Havent gotten a light for the 4x4 yet so u transferred the lights from the locker also). Its been a few days and it hasn't recovered. Anything else I can do? Temp is steady now around 70-75 humidity 45-50 kind led 300 20190704_105657.jpg 20190619_072029.jpg

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  2. id wait for more than a few days to allow recovery from them temps bro esp if you hit them high ends of 90f they look like 2 diff plants in pics lol
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  3. I agree... I think a couple more days should sort your plant out. She just needs some TLC

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  4. In my experience it takes a great deal of time for the heat damage to become severe, but once it gets to that point it doesn’t repair that damage.

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  5. heat stress is a big player in low yields and inferior buds esp indicas. some new hybrids are little tempremental
    bitches :D
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  6. Yeah it's been really hot for about a week or two. Yeah I know it looks totally different all curled up. Gonna give it another day or two.
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  7. yeah buddy nice ambient temps with a nice cool breeze she will bounce back no doubt its awful is heat stress and imo its under rated allot ive seen it devastate plants but i have no doubt yours will recover to finish good luck East81 :)
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  8. I'm hoping it will. It's been a couple days now. I've been spraying it with ph balanced water also. Thanks.

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  9. I am also having terrible problems with heat stress, due to the very hot weather we've been having of late. By keeping the door open and putting the lights on at night I've been able to get the temp down to below 30 degrees Celsius. But I'm still having problems, and by problems I mean I've lost 3 maybe 4 plants, which has absolutely broke my heart. I have 4 left which I am just trying to nurse back to full health, but in all honesty I'm already planning the next grow. I made so many rookie mistakes, I simply must give it another go, putting all I've learnt from all you guys into action.
    There's just one thing that is nagging at me especially since I don't feel I've definitively diagnosed the problem. Yeah I think it is probably heat stress, but am fretting about how I may be completely wrong on this and as a result am now just setting myself up to fail again next time, and will again be forced to sit helpless as I watch all my beautiful babies die one by one. Which is actually my query. If it is heat stress, should I not expect them to pretty much all shrivell up, dry out, turn brown and die, all at the same time, roughly? Because they have literally died, one at a time. One would dry out and die and the rest would look absolutely fine, I'd remove the dead one, rearrange my grow room. An within a day or two, would find another one dying. It's so blasted frustrating and bizzare, I get how they're all different and react differently, but surely such severe heat stress as would kill off 3/4 of them, is enough to kill them all. I've done tons of research and feel like a bit of an expert on the subject, but can't seem to find anything about if plants dying off one by one cos of heat stress, is normal, or cos they are dying one at a time, means that it's more likely to be something completely different?
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    if the heats still high yiu could ask at the grow shop if they have any CO2 boxes or bottles you add water to some give it a shake and hang it up higher than the plant ,,,plants getting more CO2 can with stand higher temps ,,,ive seen these CO2 supplents advertised in some grow shops and grow mags ,,,mac,,
    ps just found the name of one product its called '' the Enthancer' ,,
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  11. Yeah Its been a few days now with no recovery so its pretty much dead. I'm staying positive though. Thia will be my forth try and not gonna stop until u get it. A little frustrating but the end result will be dope. Havent gotten into using CO2 yet migjt habe to look into it
  12. i did just that mac trying to battle broads i was hitting 36c with co2 supplements i used the tnb co2 enhancer with the refill packs works great :)
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