Rookie with a new hobby. Northern Lights #5

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  1. OK this is my first ever grow in my all new closet grow setup. Its a Gorilla 2x2.5 with the extension for 7' tall.
    S&P fan, Phresh filter, and Mars-Hydro Cree 128, the one without the remote. I put a few pics up in the Micro Grow forum Another new grower and my closet.
    Using the organic soil mix listed in the organic forum here.

    Seeds are Dr Atomic Northern Lights from Vancouver seed bank. I have read many times that NL is a easy strain to grow and has good yield and is a really good bud.

    Put 2 of the seeds in water Saturday with a couple drops of peroxide and Sunday morning they had not gone all the way to the bottom but they had cracked and the root could be seen.

    Put them in the paper towel Sunday and Monday mng the tap root was visible. Not as long as some in other pics but I put them in the starter soil. Jiffy, with about 10-15 percent mixed with the organic soil in cups 24 hours later no seedlings yet but I figure it will take a day or two.

    I don't know how well I will keep this journal up but my GOAL is a very boring and uneventful grow. As in no problems. I only did 2 seeds since its my first time and if I screw it up I am only out 2 of 10 seeds. Or if one is a male I will still have one to learn on.

    I plan to fim after 3rd node and I have read that week 3-4 is a time to NOT do anything to stress them as it MAY affect sex. Not sure if that's true, cant hurt.

    I also plan to supercrop for yield and have watched a shit ton of vids on it over at YouTube and other vids about growing. I also have been reading here and elsewhere and trying NOT to ask questions since the search function will link to about any question and I have stumbled over more info I didn't look for but is helpful.
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  2. 1 Northern light will easily fill a 2 foot square by itself. Be prepared for some crowding. cool tent too btw.
  3. You can low stress train your plants all through flower just don't chop them up much into flower.
  4. Greetings:)
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  5. Hey there , found ya, subbed up, excited to see what the mars pro series can do

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  6. I did some rough calculations last night and tried to figure out how much its going to cost for power.
    In 24/0 with veg/seedling light only is about $4 a week. For full light 18/6 on plus the fans always on I figure $22 a month. For 12/12 full lighting and fans always on about $17.50 a month. My KWH rate is about 78¢ per KWH.

    Beans still have not popped as of 48 hours. I watered the solo cup the night before I planted and have not since. The soil still seem moist but Im tempted to mist the surface some.
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  7. That light has the same CREE LEDs as my light. This one's got 90 of them, and the 3 COBs. [​IMG]

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  8. How old are they? Im still waiting for mine to sprout. Put them in soil and as of late nite Thursday still not up. Soil is dry and I am misting. I know the tap root was started. I raised up the light and am trying to be patient. I read it may take 5 plus days. I wont dick around with them if they don't sprout and throw a couple more in the glass of water on Saturday and start a back up pair. What strain is that?
  9. Mine take a while to get going, as I start them in plugs, then it's hydro. The time it takes to sprout varying on breeder and strain. Just be patient and keep em wet and humid, and warm.

    The 1 in front is Raspberry Cough. The 2 in back are CBD Critical Cure and I have a sweet tooth auto starting. that pic they were about 2 weeks old, and I had been using t5 fluorescents. That pic was the first day I hung the led. I'm only running the 3 COBs. It's been about 12 days now, maybe 11 since then and they look like this now.[​IMG]

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  10. Well I may have jumped the gun on starting backup seeds. Earlier this morning I picked two that looked like females and dropped them in water.
    Around noon I noticed one of my planted seeds was starting to come up. Hopefully the other one does later today or tonight.
    Will let the seeds in water go and paper towel them but if both of my planted seeds come up and look good I will sadly have to toss the backups. I don't have the room.
    I might put them in the little fiber starter pots that you just plant the whole thing and try to find a spot to plant them out doors and let nature run its course. I do live close to a state park.
  11. Don't feel to bad, I do the same thing whenever I start a run, and always end up with twice as many plants as I planned, I panicked and popped seeds to cover the ones I thought were not gonna pop, now they are all battling for light and space and it breaks my heart to have to get rid of some, but I sooo gotta lose like 4 plants
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    Update. I have one of the first two seeds up and going about an inch and half tall. First real leaves out. Second seed never popped out of the soil. Post mortem showed it was cracked with the start of the tap root but went tango up.
    I took a little more time with the backup set of seeds. They came out of the water cup cracked nicely and in the paper towel for a couple days had a tap root was out more and looked better.
    I will add a couple pics of the single girl.
    I put the seeds in the paper towel and baggie as seems to be the norm. I put them on top of a DVD player that was warm but not hot. The baggie had some condensate in it and I wasn't sure if it was too warm or not.
    Im using Jiffy seed starter soil and I put the backup set in soil just a bit ago.
    I went with the 18/6 light off the bat and can see the single girl leaning a bit every 12 hours or so and turn her to make her reach for it. Light is about 18 inches away. She had good color and Im not sure why the companion to the first seed didn't sprout.
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  13. A little late but happy 420 to all.
    Pic of my first born girl (I hope)

    The other two seeds are not up yet and this one took from Monday a week ago till Friday mng to break the soil and if that holds true I have a couple more days until they do.
    This one is wider than it is tall as its about this tall. Back into the closet young lady. Hope it looks fairly normal to the NL growers. Edit to add these pics are obviously taken under normal lighting to show truer color at this point. Hopefully in a few weeks they will be too big to do this.
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  14. Happy 420 jasper:)
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  15. Im surprised that the little girl is as short as it is. I know Northern Lights #5 is supposed to be a short bushy plant but I figured the seedling would be a little taller vs. bushy at this point. I suppose that is a good sign that the light isn't too far away and working well.
    My backup seeds have not popped yet but I don't expect them to for another 24-48 hours.

    I figure as long as I control the veg time I can let the youngest one dictate when I go to flower mode and they will be ready at the same time.
    Im only using the veg light on the MarsPro II 128 at this point. When the second set of seeds pop and are a few days old I will turn on both veg and flower. I am on a 18/6 schedule instead of 24 on.


    I think it looks good at this point and if anyone sees something with it I should note or is a sign of good or bad please say something.
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  16. No pics today but first seedling is doing well and the backups are coming up.
    I discovered a few gnats couple days ago. Reading up and searching here I figure the larvae were already in the ingredients of the organic soil I mixed up. I did use neem at the recommended level in the mix.
    Anyway per some of the recommended fixes I got a couple cheap wally world sticky traps that has already trapped about a dozen and have Gtatrol and more sticky traps inbound and will treat all the soil in the tent.
    Unless Im wrong once I get all the larvae killed and the adults I shouldn't have any more problems since Im in a enclosed environment.
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  17. hope this will be fixed soon jasper
  18. Take a one gallon water jug, cut the top off, and mix brown sugar n molasses in. It'll draw them right into the sweet mixture, but thick enough that they can't escape. Hope this helps!
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    I transplanted first plant last night (couple hours into light cycle) into my 4.5 gallon pot. I also drenched both pots and the other cup with a mix of gnatrol and added a couple more sticky traps. I have not seen any adults for a day or two since I put up sticky traps.

    I closed the tent and this morning opened it long enough to take a peek and a few pics. I wont open it again until tomorrow evening cause the small cup will probably need some water.

    I think I will trans plant the small one next Saturday since its actually 5 days younger than #1 going by the date of seed in water.

    I was shocked and pleasantly surprised at the sheer volume of roots the first one had. I didn't get a pic but will for the next one.
    Hopefully the gnat issue is stomped out quickly and next grow I will be proactive since it will be needing some more soil for the next grow by adding some more soil from the other 15 gallons I have mixed up and in a container in the back yard probably has gnats or larvae in it.

    The plant on left is exactly 20 days from seed in water and 15 days from sprouting.
    Plant on right is 15 days from in water and 7 days from sprouting.

    Im hoping that if I use the younger plant to judge when to go into flower they will both be ready same day if they go into flower 12/12 lighting same day. Im only using the veg light at the moment and am considering when I transplant the second plant to the pot to kicking on the rest of the LEDs to see if it makes them grow even better.
    They seem to really like the Mars Hydro light.
  20. Looks similar to my veg. Lots of blue, and bushy plants. Stay patient, it's gonna take a while for that little plants roots to hit the walls in that big pot, so it can start to fill out. Next time, you may want to go into a 1 gallon pot first, then the final pot.

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