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  1. Hey guys. I am growing Ak 47, and I topped it and trained it to be really short and bushy. And my plant appears to be too bushy. Underneath the plant, it is literally growing leaves into each other. I am still a while away from flowering (a month). Should I move the fan leaves that will never see any light?

  2. I just searched up how to lollipop, and I see in the photo that I attached that you must keep some leaves by the areas that have those white hairs, or pre flower hairs. My plant doesn't have any of those..

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  3. You don't lollypop during flowering. Its done before. At least a week or so before to allow then to recover. Basically its removing the lower 30 percent ish of foliage.[​IMG]

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  4. Oh, ok. The website that I was reading off of said I must do it in veg, then shows a picture of it in flower and being lollipopped. Got confused. Thanks for the help

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