Recently got caught by parents, having trouble

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  1. I got caught on April 24th.
    I'm in high school still and I currently do not have a job. They had some suspicion (not sure what raised suspicion), then one day my dad woke me up asked me to go to the restaurant he owns to help him "unload some equipment". Me, trying to be a good son, I agreed. I was at the restaurant then he told me "I'll be back soon." I waited about an hour until he came back then said "Let's go." without even unloading said equipment (it was a lie to get me out of the house).

    The whole ride back home I'm talking and he's wasn't really looking at me and was sort of pensive the whole time. Short responses, little enthusiasm. We got off and he got inside and went to my room before I got there. When I got there I walk in to see him standing there. I looked on my desk to find my bong, 5 lighters, and a quarter ounce or so. (He didn't find my grinder, scale, pipe, or eye drops because they were hidden somewhere else). He said I should be ashamed of myself, took my phone and iPod which were in my pocket, and left. After he left I also noticed my laptop and Xbox were also missing.

    The next couple of days he didn't even look me in the eyes nor talk to me. He took all my money (300 or so), and my grandparents have accused me of taking their pills and they consider me a pathetic drug addict now, even though I don't drink or touched any other substance. I've drank a beer or two while smoking with my friends, but that's pretty much all.

    My dad has had me working at his restaurant this past week and a half, and so far he has only paid me $2.50. He says as a part of my punishment I have to pay to live in his house now, which is honestly unfair and whatnot but I'm not complaining about it. He'll probably get over it though.

    Well, I'm always depressed and I've been having a really bad pain in my lower left side, a little bit more towards my back.
    Every night I would smoke about .2 just to get me leveled and relaxed before sleep.
    I have no source of income or any weed at all except for when a friend offers (at school, which is REALLY risky, but it's usually during lunch off campus anyway).
    I can't get a job because I'm sure he won't let me, and I don't think I'll have much opportunity to smoke because they're most likely going to keep a close eye on me.

    I don't know how to get through to them, there is no changing their minds.
    I haven't really tried, but they weren't born in this country so marijuana to them is just like cocaine. I don't think confronting them anytime soon about marijuana is smart, but I talked with my dad about it the other day and I asked him to name whatever he thinks is wrong with it, and he said "addiction". I proved him wrong and gave him logical facts, to which he replied saying "Listen to all the bullshit you're talking" and that was the end of the conversation.

    This shit sucks.
  2. Dude, your dad is an asshole. My dad hates the fact that I smoke weed. He reminds me all the time but he would never punish me for it. I respect him for that.
  3. I wish I had it like that. It sucks so much knowing that one of my favorite things to do, which also frees my mind for a bit and lets me relax, hurts my family.
  4. That sucks. I've seen fathers like this before. They try to take control of your life and impose their bullshit on you.

    Sorry about that, brother.
  5. Well, if you are working for free basically at his restaraunt and still living @ home, then if you are 18+, pay the piper, keep smoking bud, and get out, imho.
  6. Stop working for your dad, get a job that pays more than $2.50 for a week and a half of work, move out and tell your dad to fuck himself.
  7. asian dad?

    my parents are basically the same way. guess everyone getting caught now....

    i would try to let him know weed is safer than those fucked up pills everyone takes, but im just guessing hes ignorant....just like my father.

    Best of luck to you bro, ive been through the same shit as you have; almost..

    my advice, keep your school grades up. Stay low, dont ask for anything, and do as they say. In a month of two, this will all blow away. Your grandparents sound like dicks, and i never had any trouble with mines so i cant help u out there..

    only time will heal everything man, you probably feel like shit right now and going over and over in your head where you fucked up and how you could have hidden your shit better.

    trust me, ive been there :eek:

  8. He paid me $2.50 last week. With that it'll take me a month to buy .5 considering prices down here. I'm 18, I plan to go to college and all but not a dorm. Moving out is out of the picture for a while.
    He won't let me get a job (I think it might be because he thinks I'll buy bud with the money, since he's not familiar with prices he probably thinks a gram would be 60 bucks), since I got caught I don't have a car. I can't stop working for my dad. I'm living under his roof, he puts food on the table and all. It just doesn't work to go against what he wants, if he's supplying me with living necessities.
  9. Then you are stuck, imho. Good thinking on your part, but.......

  10. You should be grateful that your dad actually cares, no offense but it seems as if "weed is your everything" Im not trying to be a hypocrite or anything because ima habitual smoker myself, but you do live under his roof and are obligated to follow his rules.
    If your going to do something behind someones back, the least you could do is NOT GET CAUGHT! but its ok, we all make mistakes that we will eventually learn from, so with that said, you know what to do now to not get caught!
  11. Thanks.
    I agree with you, I'm stuck. I can't really dig myself out of this grave. I just wish I wasn't treated like a damn child. Taking all my stuff away? That's a punishment for children. But he pays for the shit, so whatever. :rolleyes:
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    If you want to have a honest relationship with your parents while continueing to enjoy the herb you need to STAND UP to your dad, I know it may sound scary but a prepared,valid and organized approach can always help.. Slam a fat stack of links/studys anything relating to the benifits of the herb on his desk and explain to him your side of the story

    Beward though he has EVERY right to be mad at you, i'm in a similar situation and I understand my parents frustration it may be YOUR body, YOUR money and YOUR choice but its his house and you need to appreciate that, keep your stuff outside in a ziploc and present your case and if your dad is a sensable guy you may have a shot...

    Just a few links to get you on your way :smoke:

    EDIT: Incase you decide to go with the other option

    EDIT: In case you choose the other option*pics-soon*.html[pic].html

    The Benefits of Marijuana

    [ame=]YouTube - There Are So Many Benefits in using Cannabis! 1 of 2[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - There Are So Many Benefits in using Cannabis! (2 of 2)[/ame]

    (anything from this site) Marijuana Law Reform - NORML
  13. Thanks for the information man.

    I smoked in my shower several times using the towel-under-the-door trick and there was never any smell, but I personally favor joints and blunts. But I gotta make do with what I have so, they might not be much of an option. I also forgot to mention he took the lock out of my door, which is bullshit. I have no right to privacy. So, no smoking in my room.
  14. I have always loved bowls mainly for conservation so I don't have any problem with that, and i've never had a lock on my door I usually light the bowl/hit it and cover up the top of the bowl with my shades while I blow it out the window (I just got a new shotgun and its perfect for that)

    Just try to learn your parents schedule for movement, my rents are pretty predictable so I know which part of the house/room I can toke in at any given time and its almost a guarentee they won't move
  15. Ive only beencaught once by my parents and it wa back when i was a sophmore in high school. They found my bowl and about 1.5 g and they flipped. My dad was convinced i was just doing drugs and bad shit and my mom thought i was addicted. I sat down with them one night and showed them all kinds of evidence to prove that ganja is relatively harmless. I also told them that i never have or will do any other substance besides for marijuana (true to this day). After this, they only wanted me to stop smoking because it was illegal but i continued and im positive they knew and they didnt mind it because tey realized i was being responsible with it and not fucking up my life. Just reason with them and explain how harmless it is and how ridiculous theyre being. Sorry for rambling and good luck!

  16. What I'm afraid of is if I try to convince them it's harmless, they'll just accuse me of being addicted to it and trying to continue consuming it to feed my "addiction".
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    Its time... for more usefull links! :hello:

    Is Marijuana Addictive? | Psychology Today (i've quoted that pretty lady plenty of times)

    Drug Addiction Statistics (some addiction statistics)

    EDIT: After scrolling through this thread i've realized this is the definition of a rep deserving post so pay up blades! :hello:
  18. Not trying to be age police, but if your eighteen isn't your dad taking your money stealing? and how can he stop you from getting a job if your an adult?
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    Just talk to them calmly, explaining that its not addicting, your not addicted, and the only reason you continue to do it and want to do it is because why give up something that is so great and basically harmless.

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