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  1. Hi, this is my current grow about to go into week 9 of flowering. I'm being hurried along as I thought it would be ready in a week or 2 so I started a few seeds.
    Now the seedlings are reaching a point they need to go in the tent but I'm worried that this girl still needs another week or 2 flowering. I'm unsure of the strain as it's a bag seed but from the characteristics its sativa dominant.
    Looking through the scope, most of the trichs look cloudy with very few if any amber, but my microscope isn't of great quality, lesson learnt time to buy a new one!!
    My question to you blades, do you think I could/ should harvest now and still have some decent smoke? I know it's hard to tell from pictures but any help would be appreciated, even if it is just an experience you have had similar and how it worked out for you?
    My next grow is bought genetics so I should have a better idea of how long to flower for, 
    thanks in advance for you help.

  2. Looks like you got 3-4 weeks left. Maybe not though. Either way, don't rush it. Would be a waste. Looks good
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  3. Thanks mate, I had a feeling that was going to be the answer, guess I'll have to hold out!!

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    For future reference, when you say 9 weeks do you mean 9 weeks from switching light schedule? If so you don't count the time it takes to preflower which is generally 2 weeks. Looks like their about 5-6 weeks into flowering.

    They will put their bulk on during the last 2 weeks. Those buds will be 10x the size they are now;)
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  5. Yeh your right, it is 9 from switch, so probably closer to 6-7 weeks then, I was under the impression you counted from switch. Thanks for the advise man!!
    How long would you leave seedlings in 2"x 2" rock wool cubes before planting into pots? I need the tent to have space for the pots, so right now I have 4 seedlings in cubes under some CFL's. They are about 1.5 week old and just running on plain water. Do you think if I give them some weak nutes it will carry them out a bit longer before potting them?

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    I think you should probably pot them in small pots for the time being, then transplant up when you have room in the tent. The cfl bulbs will suffice for a few weeks, might have to add a splitter or 2, just keep them close.

    If they are 1.5 weeks from seed they likely don't need nutes yet. Don't want to run the risk of burning them. I'd wait till your first set of true leaves, generally 3rd or 4th node;) I generally start with a light feed around 180 ppm, like 1/8 strength
  7. your going to need a jewlers loupe to look at the trichs.... its up to you on how you want them.... usually when the heads are AMBER you can chop it. Amber is more of a couch lock heavy high.... cloudy is more of a head energetic...
  8. You could chop now and have some great smoke but you should definitely wait for the buds to fatten up.  Patience my friend.
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  9. Ok, so I have been flushing for the past week with plain pH'd water. I have just changed my reservoir back over to have my normal bloom nutrients along with an added PK boost and also a N supplement. The N is mainly to help out the yellowing because of my past week flush. I'll keep it going for another 2 or so weeks.
    My seedlings I'll keep using fresh water and hopefully on Tuesday I can get another smaller tent and set them up in there until my current grow is done.
    Does that sound like an alright solution?

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  10. So it has been almost 3 weeks and the buds have swollen out nicely. I am very pleased I had the patience to listen to you guys and wait!! I am planning on chopping her down tomorrow night. I have given plain pH'd water over the last 9 days and she's looking good.
    These pictures were taken yesterday, I'll put more up once I've harvested.

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1393490256.735114.jpg

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1393490295.245638.jpg

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  11. Sweet looking sativa. It looks like she could even go a little longer. She still has a lot of white hairs.

  12. wait atleast another week
  13. Would you just keep flushing her for the next week?

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  14. yea water can never hurt..they will get more dense too..u will be happy if u wait they will add a lot more weight. unless u in a rush id wait 2 weeks lol..maybe water once the next watering with molasses then water every time on out
  15. Dam... Another 2 weeks, I'm just really struggling to be patient!! Haha. It is in an autopot set up so I don't actually water, it is a self filling tray. It has about 12L of pH'd water in the reservoir now so I'll just stick with that. My first two grows I have harvested early so even though it's hard I think I owe it to myself to get this one right.
    All have been from bag seed, and from the traits have all been sativa/ sativa dominant. I'm looking forward to the shorter flowering of my next crop which is going to be indica dominant!!
    Thanks for the help mate, I'll repost in a week or two.

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  17. Well I finally cut her down. I think she probably could have still used another week or so but because of my inexperience I started flushing way too early and didn't want to risk ruining her altogether. I still think it will be some nice smoke!!

    ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1394189617.199293.jpg

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