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Ready for harvest...??

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Endoluvr4two0, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Ok so I have a situation on my hands. A buddy gave me a plant not knowin how far along she was. I tried everything to keep it in the veg cycle but after about 2 weeks I had an issue with the timer and the lights never turned on...

    So my question is how can I tell when she's perfect for the picking?? It's so small that I'm tryin to prolong it with a 14/10 light cycle ( not really sure if it will work) but don't wanna leave it too long.
  2. if you want it to re-veg again just put it on 24/0...
  3. eVen if it's been flowering for a couple of weeks??
  4. can re-veg even after you have harvested. It will stress the plant some but it is definitely doable. Especially if the plant is so small that it wouldnt be worth it to put it through flowering. Pics would help
  5. Just make sure to leave some leaves, especially fan leaves, if you plan on re vegging.
  6. yep,i'd leave all but the top little bud, just like topping will slow the groth down and help revert to veg..24/0 is your best bet...i reveg my big harvested plant's....i cola crop them then move the rest outdoor's after cutting all the popcorn nug's off..

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