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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Blooming Idiot, Jul 1, 2012.

  1. Anyone seen/used these?

    Wondering if they really worth spending the cash to be able to plug and play lol

    PC Grow Room Pro mk2 CL
  2. As I have read around this forum most people will tell you it's cheaper on your pockets to build one yourself.

    Check craigslist for old PC's to gut.

    If you pm me I could send u a link for step by step instructions to build one that I have found.
  3. I bought a Mr. Grow Pro about 3 years ago. It has served me well.

    Sure I could have built one myself but I had a lot going on back then and simply did not have the time. To me it was easier to just order one and let it show up at my door and ready to rock in 4 days.

    If you want to order one for the ease of use I say go for it. Don't let anyone on here make up your mind for you. Some of us just like the easy way.
  4. Seems like a big waste of money. You could make one similar, much cheaper.
  5. Almost identical to my pc and I built mine for less than £100/ $130
  6. Thanks guys... I know its cheaper to build one but its sooo tempting to plug and play haha
  7. Its all up to you man. If it's your first involves i suggest building it to. You'll treat it better and understand more building it

  8. Seen these but it costs too much to deliver to uk.

    Anyone know any UK based companies other than the top few results on google?
  9. oooooh got me thinking diy now =\ :confused_2:

  10. I tell you what it's rewarding to do it yourself. Plug and Play is cool but DIY is something to be proud of honestly. Do what you think is right but just remember modifications(if needed) will be much easier on a DIY. Also like evryone else is saying its much lighter on the wallet to do it yourself. Good luck!! :wave:
  11. Don't even bother mate.. Build ya own..
    I'm in the uk and would never buy a pre made pc.

    What ya gonna do when it doesn't arrive ?

    There's a reason hydro shops don't sell them.
    It's more of a gimmick at these sizes hence why you can only normally buy tents etc not pc's.

    100 quid an a few hours and ya all done including beans and medium.
    Then you can plug n play ;)
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    Think you have all twisted my arm... best get my diy head on and look for a tower :D

    Off to start a fresh diy thread :bolt:
  13. That's the spirit in sure there's many easy video tutorials

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