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  1. Hey guys I just found out that I started my seeds in pots that were not quite small enough for starting seeds. They broke soil 24 hours ago and don't think I should try to move them to a smaller pot at this point. Any suggestions on what I can do to help evaporate some of the excess water in my pots or anything that might help or keep me from making a serious mistake would be great thank you!
  2. Just wait mate wat size pots and what strain autos or photos

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  3. It's how you water that's important, not the size of the pot.
  4. What kinda soil do u have u should have drainage if anything let the lights dry it up

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  5. you got bad info. no pot is too big for a seed.
  6. yeah, I wouldn't worry too much about the pot size...the plant will grow into it. Drainage is what is important. Just don't drench the soil and you should be ok.
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  7. Im growing Bianca and caramelicious started in one gallon pots with happy frog soil. I've got them under a mars hydro 144 LED in a 4.5'×2.5' closet. I plant to transplant to 5 gal fabric pots and using a SCROG. Is the pots too big for 4 plants in that space or should I think about cutting it down to 2? This is my first grow and I've done a TON of research but still trying to dial in the final details. I have pics but not sure how to post them on here?
  8. Generally a 5 gal pot is a good size but your closet is too small a space for 4 plants in a scrog. One or 2 would be a better idea or just don't let them get too big before you flower.

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  9. So pick the best from each strain and scrog those 2? I'm wanting to SCROG because I want to get the best results out of my space but not sure if it's as easy as everyone says?
  10. Sounds like a good plan and make sure to read the scrog tutorial at Growweedeasy.com. It really is quite easy and very rewarding.

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  11. I'm thinking about mainlining as well instead of SCROG not sure which will be the most rewarding and best suited for a first timer?
  12. 5 gallon is my go to finishing pot size but I also use 7 gallon and have grown larger plants in 7 gallon. I highly recommend fabric pots for the increased aeration and superior root structure. If you want the best pots Airpots are the shit but super expensive. Totally worth it if you just consider them your finishing pot. Take care of them, clean, and reuse they should last a long time.
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