plants still not flowering, they are almost 6 months old

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  1. Hello my friends,

    in early april, i planted 8 marijuana plants, and till now (late august) only one plant is flowering for about a week, and other plants still show no sign of flowering and continue to grow.. They are very big (around 2.4meters) and the problem i see in the horizon is, that in mid october it starts raining alot in my local area and im afraid i will need to early chop the plants down, because of rain..

    Now if they start flowering in early september, will one month be enough to finish their flowering cycle?

    Looking forward to answers :)
  2. Most plants should start to flower around Aug1st. Usually a little before and not later. Do you know what strains you are growing? Sativa dom strains wont show buds until around now, but have already started the flower process on the above dates stated. The only other thing that would stop flowering is ambient light at night. Other than that, I am guessing sativa dominate strains taking their sweet time.
  3. bawh ha ha dude 2 months minimum for flower... usually any where from 8-12 weeks indica being closer to the 8 and sativa leaning more twords the 12.

    if they are the same strain and one is only flowering are you sure an orge isn't going on in your plot?
  4. The strains are:
    4x Moby dick (one of which is flowering)
    2x dinamed CBD
    2x Santa sativa
  5. While I am not highly experienced I do have some knowledge that I can share ... not sure where you are? But the more south you are could influence when your outdoor plants start to flower. Do you know for sure the sex of the plants? The plant that is flowering; have you determined that it is not a male? Male plants will start the "flowering" process a little before females. As has been stated, some strains, sativa vs indica generally will start flowering at a little different times ... sativa a little later. In my experience - I live in Colorado - my plants will start the flowering process in the first 2 weeks of August, by mid August it should be clear that they are flowering and relatively easy to tell their sex. Males do start the process very early August. It is unusual that you have plants that are not flowering but OTOH it is a good indication that they are female, if you are feeding them nutrients, stop. Water only at the bottom/roots of the plant. If you don't even have hairs at this point then they are definitely behind but the further south you are the longer you have until harvest. I will harvest in early October - first week most likely. But a warmer climate you can go until late October. Just my 2 cents, hope it is helpful.
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  6. can nutrients influence the flowering cycle?
    Im asking because I have been giving them a lot of nutrients,

    I gave each of them about one hand-full of NPK (15-15-15) fertilizer, once every 10-14 days.
    Every time I checked on them (around once every 5 days) there were some yellow leafs on the bottom of plant (nitrogen deficiency) and I though they needed nutrients..

    Last time i gave them nutrients was 15. aug

    What should I do next? Should I water them alot so the soil clears of nutrients faster, instead of the plant absorbing them?

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  7. Yes nitrogen can antagonize flowering, it won't stop it but it will slow it down. Just water for a few weeks then just P K fertilizers after that.
  8. Y
    Yellow leaves towards the bottom of the plant is normal due to lack of sun, pluck them. I would water only at the root level for now and stop nutrients, especially the 15-15-15. I can't remember off the top of my head what the nutrients are for flowering but it is quite different than the veg stage. But for now just water and make sure your one plant that is flowering isn't a male.
  9. all plants are females..

    i already purchased PK (15-20) fertiliter to use during flowering state..
  10. I had the same problem. My outdoor light was just skimming over my fence and reflecting off the fence made it too bright for them to flower. As soon as I shit it off they started to catch up
  11. No amount of N will keep a plant in flower. In fact, N in the form of Ammonium will induce flower early.

    The strains you listed should all be showing flowers by now. Do you have light in the garden at night?
  12. they are located nowhere near a light for atleast 1km radius
  13. I need a pic then. You sure you know what a flowering plant looks like? (no offence)

    I looked up the strains, and the latest to finish flower says late Oct. Work backwards and you should be 3+ weeks into flower. This is a good little mystery.
  14. It could be caused by a number of factors. First I suggest buying a book about growing cannabis. Getting a quality grow book will be the best thing you do for growing as long as you read it. I recommend the Cannabis Encyclopedia by Jorge Cervantes. Best book I own by far.
    I would stop feeding the plants Nitrogen (N) and stick with feeding P and K. Do you have any light outside that shine onto the plants during the hours of darkness? If so it is waking the plants from their sleep cycle and causing them to continue to veg. Cannabis needs uninterrupted darkness and the light can cause them to continue to veg or turn hermi. Your location is another factor that plays into when the plants flower. Close to the equator the longer the period of sunlight so it can take a few weeks longer for flowering to start compared to someone growing further North. Lastly genetics determine flowering and even the same strains can flower at different rates due to different phenotypes. I suggest reading and learning as much as possible on your own as solid advice is hard to come across. Every Dick and Tom will feed you their opinions and claim you have russet mites or other issues when you don't. I always recommend people do their homework on the advice received before using it as false diagnoses can cause damage to your plants. The more you learn the better your plants will turn out.

    Here a photo of one of my plants in my garden this year. This was taken a few days ago and you can see it is still very early into flowering.


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  15. nevermind, they all started flowering now and are in pre-flower stage..

    do you think they will have enough time to flower peoperly? rhey can flower for about 1 month and 3 weeks from now, than every year it starts raining a lot.

    and what different effect will the buds have if they wont flower all the way through the flowering stage?
  16. That plant will go till mid Oct. If that is too late, then start coming up with a tent idea.
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  17. I have all mine pulled by Halloween.

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  18. I typically hear of people pulling plants anywhere from oct 15th-nov 7th. Don't sweat it man, they're outdoors, let Mother Nature do her thing. If things get too rainy build a cheap and easy greenhouse cover for them. Done.

    My outdoor plants are just starting to flower as well. Sit down, grab some popcorn, and enjoy the show

    PK's roof-top organic grow
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  19. Guys I'm in the same situation as sixty9 my plants are fully In veg rn I had a small cfl maybe like 20 feet away aiming away from it just to light the back entrance of my house a lil bit idk if that could've been the problem but I've removed it and replaced with a weaker light and attempted to cover the plant up a bit more [​IMG]this pic was about a week ago[​IMG]

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