plant dying :( help please

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  1. The bottom leaves have gone yellow and all the others are drooping now. my temp had been at 86f for a couple of days but im thinking i need to transplant. Have you experienced this or know how to fix it. Was beautiful only 2 days ago!

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  2. yea u should deffinatly transplant
  3. heavy drooping is a sign that they need water but they dont look that drooped yet. The yellow is definitely a deficiency most likely caused by the small cup and 86 degree environment. you should transplant like stated above
  4. Hei, we8yids.

    Are you giving them nutrients? Was the soil (or whatever medium) pre-fertilized?
  5. Over/Underwatering

    You need to keep the moisture in the soil more consistent. It's ok to let it go dry in-between waterings, just not so long.

    Your temps are high and that also contributes to the soil dryness and plant stress.

    Give her a slow, good watering. Let her sit for 24 hours. Cut off bottom yellow leaves. Then transplant her into something bigger.

    You do have drainage holes at the bottom of those cups don't you?
  6. Just transplanted into a slightly bigger pot, would of trantplanted into 8l autopots but they sent me 1 15l pot instead of my 4 8l pots :(. Growing in a all mix soil and fed them half strength formulex 3 days ago
  7. Agree with Phenotype in that case. Make sure that you have good drainage and that they are not sitting in pools of water. Don't water them too often, let the top of the soil dry before next water. Roots need air and can't get any if your medium is saturated with water.
  8. to be fair i don't think i have fed them for 5 days, maybe they need water?

  9. same thing happened to my plants bro except they were a bit bigger. I learned that you cannot give young plants nutrients because they already have all the nutes they need to grow for the time. even giving them half strength isn't good and you will most likely give them nute burn. you need to water with no nutes ASAP to flush the nutes out and then in a couple of days they should be fine !

    heres a link to my thread a couple of weeks ago when I need help, if you look at the pics you'll see 2 of the plants look like yours do !
  10. also I agree with phenotype about the watering :)

    good luck man hope everything works out !
  11. Cheers guys, much more help and advice here compared to rollitup
  12. Update, there worse. Really depressed now :(. did have a retard 1, aint much of the retard 1 anymore lol

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  13. i disagree with durty and the nutes.. i have 3 seedlings (week and a half old, just posted and update vid in my sig..) in bubble buckets with 1/4 strenth grow big and big bloom and 1/2 strength calmag.. they seem to be loving it.
  14. to be fair i think there underwatered, possible?
  15. i always thought curling under was to much of something and up curing was them wanting something.. idk
  16. maybe too much heat, but they have got worse since i sorted the heating issue out
  17. not sure man.. this is all relatively new to me too. and i dont know shit about soil, the little knowledge i do have is in Hydro.
  18. ok, cheers anyway mate, hope yours have a trouble free grow ;)
  19. havin trouble of my own! lol ph swing like crazy a few days ago.. from a comfy 5.8 to 7.3 in 12 hours! seems to be balancing itself out now though.. ill keep up on this and if i can help or suggest someone to help id be more than happy too!

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