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  1. my leaves are curling in from the sides and I don't know why. I'm running 1k watt MH 2 &1/2 ft away in a coco mix. closed environment with protbale ac that's exhausting hot air.
    Ph @ 6

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  2. Maybe heat.1K run pretty hot.

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  3. That type of leaf curling (tacoing) is caused by 1 of 4 issues. Heat, to much light intensity, high humidity or possible magnesium deficiency.

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  4. raise the light . your to close is this an open hood ? plants are smart they will reject to much light by doing the only thing they can . they try to close there leafs up there telling you its just to much light . soon these plants will be able to walk around in the room and feed them self or take the family pet for a walk lmao .
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