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Discussion in 'Pets' started by Sw33t.candy420, Apr 13, 2016.

  1. Ok, a couple days ago I was taking a "smoke break" and came back inside and found my weed plant I'd been growing for 2 months was missing, then I spotted the steam on the floor next to my 5 gallon bucket...turns out my pet cat ate it! I love her to death, but I was SOOO pissed! Anyone else have this happen?
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  2. No because cats suck. My dog has an understanding that i spend so much time babying and protecting my plants. She loves to chill in the grow room more than anywhere

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  3. Cats don't suck, lol. I myself hate dogs but I don't go around saying dogs suck, lol. I'll just keep my eye on my next plant.✌️
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  4. I taught my cat to water my plant's, but not fertilize them.

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  5. Haha! Looks kinda creepy with the people eyes...
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  6. Mother Fucker, Lmmfao! Nice!
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  7. :( that sucks to hear. im only 3 weeks into mine growing in the closet and my cat got to it 2 days ago but i was fortunate enough to catch him and he only chomped down on a few leaves. Hadnt thought of that
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  8. Yeah, it sucked. Just gotta start over...
  9. I chase my dog with stuff I don't want her to chew on while saying 'this is not a toy!'.

    100% success rate for me.

    All my shoes are intact haha
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  10. Yes my dogs eat my plants eveey year. I'm.not even going to bother this year.
  11. I had a cat who ate one of my plants. Little cunt slept half the day.

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