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Pain Killer.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Menchville, Jun 6, 2013.

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    I have posted 2 other threads(listed below), which have followed my month experience of Melanoma extraction.

    To sum it all up, 4 weeks ago I was diagnosed with a form of cancer called Melanoma, it was found through a odd shaped mole on my upper right shoulder blade, I was scheduled to have surgery this morning, and the surgery went as planned.
    3 Incisions were made, 3 lymph nodes were taken out this morning, and I was warned that a large amount of pain would come over the next 7 days as the lymphatic groupings are trying to fill in the spot where they cut the individual few out.
    They prescribed me Perocet for the pain, 30 pills. I personally feel as if I have a addictive personality, definitely when it comes to things like this...
    I was thinking, possibly attempting to take home-made THC Caps instead of the perocet, I have home-grown buds and I have a good recipe that I used back when I was on my edible craze, the potency is very high compared to a regular smoke, and it lasts anywhere from 2 - 6 hours.
    I would be using a 85% Indcia strain, that I have used for the last few weeks to help with the original incision they made, and it seems to be working a-lot better then my heady sativas.
    I have told my parents(I am 20), and my father says that it won't kill the pain at all and instead make you concentrate on it more, this seems to be a misconception in some smokers minds, that it enhances the pain...due to the fact that your brain thinks about the problem more, sending pings to your pain sensors in response, resulting in pain.  My mother, doesn't agree at all...would prefer me take the Perocet, but that is because she was never a advocate for marijuana, and is worried I will piss hot on a drug test for the U.S Army, but I will not be receiving any drug tests till August 20+, when I return to school and my post, and regardless...If the Army finds out about the surgery or the Melanoma, I will be medically discharged anyways without question. 
    I am sorry for this long thread, but does anyone want to throw their opinions out on the matter? Would be appreciated.
    Thanks GC.  :smoke:

  2. Ok sucks about the cancer man sorry to hear.  I'm not sure about your pain question but a did watch something about skin cancer that you might find interesting.  Look up Rick Simpson's "Run from the cure" and read about his hemp oil.  It is amazing.  You might find a better use for your weed then thc capsules.  This mofo cured cancer with this shit.  Very interesting good luck
  3. Ah yes, ever since I announced my diagnosis of Melanoma, everyone on GC has suggested I try and use Rick Simpsons hemp oil.. But for now, I am not sure if I have the cancer anymore as the surgery should have removed it.
    Now I am just stuck with 7 days of pain, and a choice out of taking some prescription pain killers or going with my herb to calm myself.
    Thanks for the reply though.  :smoke:
  4. Depends on the person and particular strain man. If you feel it helps more then the meds then do that. Weed definitely helps me with pain, but if its extreme pain, weed isn't going to do shit. Its cancer man, cut yourself some slack if you do feel like you have to take the pills.

    Hope you make a swift and veiny recovery
  5. Ok sorry if I repeated something. In my hop you should go with the herb f the percs. I used to be a bit of a pill head and I know those things will mess you up in the long run especially if like you said you have an addictive personality.Plus they are so bad on the liver.  good luck dude...
  6. Take the painkillers. Make sure you have weed when you run out.
  7. theres nothing wrong with taking pills for a couple days i dont think i would take all 30 but a couple shouldnt be a problem. 
  8. Good to hear your surgery was successful! The herb may take away your pain or enhance it, only one way to find out. I think it depends from person to person but the strain has a big part of it. I've had strains that made my pain worse, other's that totally take it away!
  9. To prevent yourself from getting addicted to the pills, and to prevent yourself from getting a tolerance to the THC pills too fast, why don't you do it one way one day and the other the next?
  10. I'd take the pain killers personally. Nothing wrong with using a medicine especially after a surgery like that. If you need it don't feel bad just make sure you don't start taking them recreationally. Smoke and eat the bud and if it doesn't do the trick take a half or just one percocet.

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