Organic mix/fertilizer in self watering containers

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  1. I bought an earth box a while back for melons but I didn’t get the organic version. I haven’t planted it yet but I bought an organic mix. My question is do I hold off on the Dolemite that comes with the regular set? I know I won’t use the fert package now with this mix. Thanks.
  2. Dolemite isn’t a fertilizer per say, it takes a long time for it to break down, it’s mostly used for PH buffering in soil that is low in mag. What’s the organic mix have in it? You could prolly use both if there isn’t a ton of long term Cal in there.

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  3. Thanks Prepper, it’s peat moss, peat humans, perlite, limestone, gypsum, mycorrhizae (glomus intraradices). It’s a gardeners supply co brand. Like all of them it’s the greatest on earth, according to them :thankyou:
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    Limestone and Dolomite are pretty close. Zero actual nutrients in there huh?

    If Mycorrhiza is part of a bagged soil mix, they only put enough in there to legally list it on the bag. It’s a selling point for the uninformed. You should buy a powdered Mycro like VAM Endo-Mix, it’s all the good stuff without the fillers. You MUST, MUST have DIRECT contact with the roots with the mycros to form the bond.

    I would also highly suggest picking up Alfalfa meal, Kelp Meal, Neem Cake, ir using a high end Earth worm castings or compost in your soil mix. Casting you want aren’t fed saw dust either or Old Forest “products”. This is just filler garbage. Start a worm farm of your own too! You can find organic rabbit manure, horse, cow, etc, locally on sites like Craigslist Farm & Garden. Most the time this is free or very cheap. I have a pretty heavy duty soil mix on the first page of my thread, but you could do half that and still have an epic garden.
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  5. They don’t recommend any manure in these due to the water res. I’m am lucky on the worm front if nothing else as I have some trees that have been downed in the woods for several years. I’m collecting some for my no till bed and I still have them everywhere.

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