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  1. This will be a documentary on the strain from dna genetics (reserve pravada) OG Kush #18. I just received these seeds about 4 days ago, I ordered them one day after they became available and am a little excited. It is a 6 pack of femanized seeds. They say that they re-femmed a very nice OG Kush pheno making it an S1. It confused me since I thought that I will only get variations of that pheno from seeds and not really the true #18 pheno. I thought the only way to get the #18 pheno would be by getting lucky with the 10:D pack of regular OG Kush seeds. I am confused....lol. I feel stupid. and high...lol Anyway, some pics tomorrow of baby seedlings.
  2. cant wait to see :hello:
  3. I am very curious about Reserve Pravads OG Kush so I am watching this one closely. I want the other seed they offer but like I said very curious. I believe there claim of #18 pheno is because they have stablized that pheno type in those feminized seeds by continueing to cross just the #18 pheno when found. I am not sure though. Can you give us some specs on your grow like what soil and nutrients and stuff you plan on using? Thanks
  4. Start off with equipment,
    2-2 foot 40 watt flouros (cloning)
    1-T5 8bulb TEK light (mothers)
    1-Galaxy digital Dual 250 watt hortilux eye MH (vegging)
    2-Galaxy digital 600 watt hortilux super hps (flowering)
    Both 600 watt lights are on linear light movers (light rail 3.5)
    60 site ez-clone
    2-6 inch inline fans both with carbon filters

    I am running the complete organic line of Humboldt nutrients
    with aged and ph'ed water.

    I have a few other strains going right now, only one strain was worth a shit from my last order. but my main focus is on the OG Kush, I also got LA Confidential as well from dna genetics, and also trying Pineapple express from G13 labs. All which I started at the same time so I can document those strains as well.

    First pics are seedlings of the OG, LA, and Pineapple. others are some of what I got going now. The strain is called medi-bud. not too bad, nothing super special. I burned the batch that is almost done when it was at 3 weeks. I mismeasured, I'm an idiot, but you can tell. The other batch is at three weeks flower.

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    ok here we are, around day seven since sprouting. I have three og kush, 2 Pine Ex, and 1 LA Con. moving slowly but surely. preparing everything for cloning process, about 3 weeks away from that. I have been reading alot of threads and posts all wondering about the OG Kush I am growing so I am really focusing this round.

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  6. Great grow cant wait to see how this turns out. I was considering getting either the Kandy Kush or OG kush from Reserva Privada next. Hopefully this will help out with my decision.
  7. Yea for sure. I am very excited as well, since I have only heard good things about this strand..obviously......it's OG:D Just hoping everything dna genetics claims is legit.
  8. I am preparing for cloning pretty soon, so was wondering for everyone that uses an ez-clone, what they use for stimulants/nutrients in there mix. I usually just go with a stimulant called power clone. anybody else?
  9. got an update on your grow? I just ordered the #18 so I will follow your grow to see whats to come. thanks
  10. sweet, i'll be watching this as well. i love the selection of strains that reserve pravada offers and i want to pickup kandy kush or this #18 from them soon!

    any prior experience with the breeder/company? :smoke:
  11. I just got my order confirmed on the third, one of my strains being the OG #18 and Id like to see an update as well man, where the helld ya go?:smoke:
  12. whats up everyone, yea been on vacation, colorado, vegas, and cali. everything has been taken care of by my lady while Ive been gone. all she had to do was water and feed, I have no prob trusting her with that. anyways. I am in the cloning process. I use an ez-cloner. they are almost ready to come out. most are showing roots but not enough to transplant yet. Once they are ready to be planted I will veg them under 500 watts mh for about a week and a half until they are all showing new growth and are about 8 inches tall.
  13. oooooooo jus ordered some reserva privada og kush seeds.....curirous to see how this comes out!

  14. What is up gents. I too am growing the og kush 18. lol, quite the club. If you check attitude now there are 5 stars and big block letters that this is the shit! Limited now. Lol, I only bought a few and germed only one cuz I knew that is all I would need! I was right, she went smooth. I am going for the organic pre-amended soil route and so far she loves the water only aproach, the only one I can get right! hehe. can't wait for my tree, gonna replace some widow strains. I too am just learning breeding and genetics. I am hoping they stabilised the 18, it sounds like it. Is an s1 like an f1 or what , idk that yet, but I trust ca breeders!
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  16. Good morning gentleman and laides if your out there. I am new to this whole forum thing. I too have recentley ordered a few OG Kush #18 seeds. I will also be posting my updates on my grow and following this one. Hopefully i can be of help to someone and you can be of help to me.

    I will be running a four chamber Aeroponic system with 20 plant sites. I will be using a single Next Gen Digital 600 Watt HPS for flowering. Within the next couple of weeks i am going to post the plans for my system. I hope you guys can give me some constructive criticism.
  17. Any word on the OG man?
  18. Damn Scratchrc what happened to ya???

    Medimorph an S1 is a cross of 2 plants of the same genetics - OG female x OG Male, an F1 is a cross of two different strains creating a hybrid -OG female x Bluebery male for example.

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