Obama impeachment bill in congress

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  2. Watch how he'll get away and get a second term.
  3. yawn...if Bush and Cheney can walk free today...then Big O has no worry for just continuing with operation 'fuck the poor to enrich the wealthy'...

    next thing ya know, some twit will come out with charges he is having sex with some 'black woman' in the white house...oh the scandal of it all...

    GO DC!

    I for one welcome the intense waste of time this will create, time they would otherwise spend fucking up more of our lives and destroying what little futures we have left....ya, this could be a good thing...:D
  4. ^ Is true. These people have nothing to worry about. It's the dictators of the 3rd world countries that get rooted out, not kings or presidents. Maybe in our lifetime we'll see some real fucking change. I have hope.
  5. Anyone else noticed this trend that the last three presidents we've had were all shitty enough to require the impeachment process to be started while they were in office? What, is that the trend now, to see how far they can push it before actually becoming Impeached?:confused::(
  6. he should of been impeached a very long time ago for many reasons but this one reason is so important?
  7. So important? You mean the Obama administration telling congress they will maybe let them know if they & the UN decided to go to war?

    Yeah fuck checks & balances, let's have us a dictator.
  8. Or to see how many can be impeached without losing their position in office.. It's ridiculous that a President can be impeached and continue to be the President. What's the point of impeachment?

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