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  1. Anyone just have a plant growing in the corner of their room? Water every few days and that's all? I'm moving in two weeks and again in three so I just wanted to take a seed and let it grow, trying to keep it small enough that I can move it when moving home and keep it hidden. I'm not too worried about how much it produces I just want to watch it grow :). Then once I move into my permanent residence actually plant one that I'm going to take care of. It's AK48 and I've done research on it, I'm SUPER excited to have picked this one up. I don't smoke too much but I really don't like buying from dealers so this was my solution. I just take a toke before bed to help me sleep or when playing video games, watching movies, going on a walk, etc... keeps me chill in a normally stressful life.

    Also, is there risk in posting about it on here? I only want to grow for myself, I haven't even told my best friends (also stoners) about it. I figured it's something to keep to myself until it's legalized. I hate living that way, but it's what you gotta do to protect yourself.

    Thanks guys I love this community and I'm glad I found it,
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  2. Sounds good I got one growin on the window seal only water and I don't blame ya for keep your grow private
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  3. Turns out I have zero patience. Waiting on this mfer to bounce up into a 3ft tall plant lmao. I put it in a mason jar of distilled water for 2hrs until it sank, then filled the jar with topsoil and set her in there and put it in a dark area. Accidentally put some tap water in there then added distilled. Put the lid on the keep it moist. Hoping it'll sprout in the next day or two.
  4. Hope your lid has some holes in the top! It still needs to breathe! Good luck fellas!
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  5. I just put mine in any glass jar, tiny bit of superthive and 6 phed water, once the tap root is like 1 inch I remove and plant. Usually takes no more then 2 days.

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  6. Day 2: No change in appearance thus far. I had it sitting in a damp paper towel all day to try to soften it up. Once I see the first signs of physical change I'll transport back into the mason jar. Sitting in the window sill to get warmed up.
  7. Unrelated to this grow, I'm wondering what a good LED light is to grow one single plant? Will 45W be sufficient? Can I just have it chill in the closet without ventilation and such? I'm going for simplicity more than yield at this point in my life.
  8. She's coming out of her seed! I'm excited as hell
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  9. Wow didn't expect it to go from nothing to this in one day. Hopefully it doesn't get too big before Friday. [​IMG]
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  10. Should of put her in a solo cup.. how you gonna get her out without screwing everything up? Also she needs to have drainage holes and a solid colored container.

    Grow journal
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  11. IT'S GETTING TOO BIG BEFORE FRIDAY haha. I'll be transplanting it to a large pot this Saturday. I just have it sitting under my desk lamp. I have a shopping list of things to get, likely doing a PC grow. CFL lights, timer, pc box from goodwill or something, etc... Turn this from a windowsill grow to something that'll produce some quality bud. [​IMG]
  12. When do I start LST?
  13. In a few weeks. If you are just going to bend it over it will be sooner than if you top it first.

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  14. It's so stretched out from lack of light I'd be surprised if it didn't tip over soon . You need to get your lights closer . And at least cfl lights , incandescent don't do anything for your plant . And like someone else said need to put it in a pot or party cup with drain holes and perlite like ASAP or you just wasted a seed dude .
  15. Dang I need to get my shit together ASAP
  16. How long it took for your seedling to pop out? Just put 2 seeds in the soil today, after the paper towel method.. The shell cracked a Lil, an a little tabroot came out on both seeds , I put them in the soil waiting for them to surface.
    I just got the CMH 315W light Friday , I put the the 2 seedlings in the pot under the light.
    Also I have a lil plant over a month old. just last week started the ph technology formula and under 24hr light. Is that ok? Begginer here lol any help would be much appreciated.
  17. 24 hours light is fine but I prefer 18/6 it saves a little money on energy and the plant needs some rest . As for your seedlings under a mh light that is fine too just don't have it to close to seedlings in their early stage . As they get older you can move the lights a little closer .
  18. Took 4-5 days before my seed sprouted out of the ground. @Blanco11368. If a lil taproot is coming out then you're solid.

    Update: This nothing but water grow has evolved into a micro-grow. Invested in 4 100w/23w daylight CFL bulbs for veg and 4 100w/23w CFL soft white bulbs for flower, perlite, pete moss, bigger pots (will grow two at a time in alternating flowering periods). Moving in two days, will store the whole lot in a box for the trip.
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