Northern Lights (White Label Auto) - 600W LED First Timer

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  1. The Equipment
    DWC Bubbler Tank - 100L OxyPot4 (Growell)
    Air Pump - Cheap-O Pump - Four Outlets - 4 x 2.5 Litres/minute (Growell)
    Air Stones - 4 X Golfball size.
    Tent - Standard 1.2M X 1.2M X 2M Mylar tent
    Light - MarsHydro 600W LED Light
    Using a Carbon Filter + Inline 120mm fan
    Power - Currently using a UPS on all equipment.
    Nutes - Gh Flora Series, hard water on Recycling schedule & PH Down.

    The process so far...

    So i ordered some White-Label Northern Lights AutoFem seeds along with everything else i was going to need and then the wait began... Once everything had arrived i couldn't wait to get started. I have grown before but only with CFL in a small wardrobe-esq thing. This is the first-time doing it properly.

    So we skip ahead a few weeks and everything has FINALLY arrived arrived (Yodel can suck a cock) i start off the process by using Rockwool cubes soaked in Ph 7.0 water overnight, giving them a slight drain before planting the seeds. i've so far left them under the 600W LED lights from seed.

    So after following the schedule, i'm just about to start week 3 and add in more nutes. I've been away the past 4 days in the Netherlands and was really hesitant about leaving them, however i came back last night and they had trebled in size. I left the Ph at 5.5 and PPM around 1000 after 4 days they're at 6.0 and 900. Turns out having a massive pot and only young plants really does help with early life maintenance.

    Things to add
    I'm looking to purchase a larger and quieter pump, so suggestions on that would be great!
    Another light perhaps, should they need abit more later in life, i've seen mixed reviews about Mars Hydro but i've put it under a light meter and i'm getting 11K Lumens from 2Ft away & drawing 170W.

    Pictures So far
    upload photos to internet
  2. Your off to a good start. This is in the wrong thread. You should be in hydroponic growing. This system of yours is a deepwater culture not aeroponics. You will get more comments their. I am couriers how that works out for you. I just set up my brother up with a two plant dwc. It's all on order it will be arriving in the next 5 days. Its a 25 gallon and the lights is a 4'x2' t5. The air pump is 571Gph at 2.47 psi. The roots love oxygen. I'm having him grow two clones in this system with a scrog. You should keep your pH at 5.8 best you can. If your using reverse osmosis water you need cal/mag. RO water is used if tap is above 150 in my opinion. i also fund hydrogard helps with rootrot. Aneyways good luck to you. Try posting in hydroponic growing?

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