Northern Lights (White Label Auto) - 600W LED DWC First Timer

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  1. The Equipment
    DWC Bubbler Tank - 100L OxyPot4 (Growell)
    Air Pump - Cheap-O Pump - Four Outlets - 4 x 2.5 Litres/minute (Growell)
    Air Stones - 4 X Golfball size.
    Tent - Standard 1.2M X 1.2M X 2M Mylar tent
    Light - MarsHydro 600W LED Light
    Using a Carbon Filter + Inline 120mm fan
    Power - Currently using a UPS on all equipment.
    Nutes - Gh Flora Series, hard water on Recycling schedule & PH Down.

    The process so far...

    So i ordered some White-Label Northern Lights AutoFem seeds along with everything else i was going to need and then the wait began... Once everything had arrived i couldn't wait to get started. I have grown before but only with CFL in a small wardrobe-esq thing. This is the first-time doing it properly.

    So we skip ahead a few weeks and everything has FINALLY arrived arrived (Yodel can suck a cock) i start off the process by using Rockwool cubes soaked in Ph 7.0 water overnight, giving them a slight drain before planting the seeds. i've so far left them under the 600W LED lights from seed.

    So after following the schedule, i'm just about to start week 3 and add in more nutes. I've been away the past 4 days in the Netherlands and was really hesitant about leaving them, however i came back last night and they had trebled in size. I left the Ph at 5.5 and PPM around 1000 after 4 days they're at 6.0 and 900. Turns out having a massive pot and only young plants really does help with early life maintenance.

    Things to add
    I'm looking to purchase a larger and quieter pump, so suggestions on that would be great!
    Another light perhaps, should they need abit more later in life, i've seen mixed reviews about Mars Hydro but i've put it under a light meter and i'm getting 11K Lumens from 2Ft away & drawing 170W.

    Pictures So far
    upload photos to internet
  2. A little update on day 18 since seed. Hope all looks good, any advice/input would be great!

    Added the next load of nutes a few days ago and was at 1900PPM which was way too high. PH is perfect tho. The plants seem to be responding okay, no signs of stress of root rot so far. Fingers crossed!

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  3. What did you bring the 1900 down to
  4. Well i've actually risked it and left the plants without changing the PPM. The res is slowly lowering so it's at ~1700 now. Still 400 too high but they seem OK.
  5. Alittle spring cleaning...

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  6. Very nice. You may want to fill that netpot to the rim with hydroton, letting light into the res may give you issues.

    Others with more experience with autos have recommended not to stress the plant. So LST is as far as I'll go, no leaf removal until I'm close to harvest.
  7. How are your plants looking with that high ppm. What scale is your ppm? 500 or 700?
  8. Not sure what scale it is or how the scaling works? I've emptied the res about 10L maybe more and topped with fresh 7.0 Water. Checked on the plants yesterday and noticed a real small bit of mould on the air-lines going into the tank. I think this is being caused by the nutes and water sitting on the pipe where it meets the light so i've fixed this as best i can and cleaned everything off. Hopefully plants will be ok. No signs of infection on the plants yet.
  9. I've decided now that i've got alittle bit of space around the base of the plants i'm not going to mess around with them anymore. Would you suggest against topping? A mate want's a cutting. Also filled up the netpots with pebbles. Thanks mate!
  10. 7.0 is way to high 5.8 is optional the hydro range is 5.5-6.5
  11. Ofcourse - I check the PH twice daily. Keep it generally within 5.7-6 it's just the PH it comes out of the tap. Getting an RO machine soon tho!
  12. I'm about 100% positive you can't take cuttings from an auto. By that I mean the cutting will take the schedule of the mother. It will not go back to a veg state like a photo and will grow on the mothers schedule. In addition you are stressing the mother plant.

    Experts on auto do not recommend topping only LST. Autos do not recover from stress well as they are on a set schedule. This is the reason you should not transplant autos.
  13. I think jtrjesse was asking about your baseline ppm. What is the ppm out of the tap? If it is low (i.e. 200 ppm) out of the tap and you are adding 1500 to get to your 1700 ppm reading that appears very high for a young plant. I've read that it is better to keep plants hungry than overfeed.

    I don't think a RO system will affect your ph it will only take out the solids from the water getting you close to 0 ppm.

    I suggest more reading on autos as they are sensitive to stress and will impact yield if you make unnecessary mistakes.
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  14. Having some issues with my plants. They're growing nicely, i've cut back the nutes abit this week half dosing. Topped up alittle calcium as i thought this was the problem i'm getting.

    They almost look like burn spots, where you can see the chlorophyll looks like it's deteriorated.

    Going to do some more research, found a good site to check for problems.

    Any suggestions?

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  15. Update on the grow.

    Haven't added any nutes for a week. I've also removed the infected leaves. I think was down to leaf septoria.

    So pictures... looks like it's starting to bloom. IMG_3701.JPG IMG_3714.JPG IMG_3716.JPG IMG_3717.JPG
  16. A little update. Nothing much really changes with these 4. I've got one which is loving life, one which is struggling abit with developing height and two which are mediocre. Pictures to follow. Hope you guys are enjoying it, I'm 36 days in.

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