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Noob storys.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by highventure, Nov 26, 2011.

  1. Noob story thread? Noob story thread.

    Seriously, I've smoked with noobs before and they don't even chill out and enjoy the smoke. They're just like "hey man pass it pass it hey pass it man yo bro pass it" and I'm all like "dude whats the rush? chill out.". I know I was a noob at once... and we all where at one point in time. But my question is, where we really that annoying as noobs? What where you like as a noob?

    My story: I used to smoke myself paranoid when I was new... for me, it wasnt if you enjoyed the high, but how high you where. Everything was 1-10 for me, the higher the better... Till one mishap happened either my mom calling (I was like 14) or someone said something... I would just go batshit. Then comedown and get really high again... I began to realize slowly (very slowly) that I didn't enjoy that. I used to smoke till i was out of weed but I began to realize that weeds not about getting fucked up all the time... it has the power to get you fucked up but its not always good to be fucked up... Its like a responsibility :smoking: fuck I'm high... Its one of those get fucked up days you know?

    Post how you used to be as a noob.
  2. as a noob? pff i was born a seasoned toker!

    but really, i was just anxious to get high
  3. Im sorry, many of us were never noobs to smoking buds. I believe many of us were born with blunts in our mouths...atleast thats what the baby pictures suggest.

  4. lmfao!!:D
  5. Smoking really wasn't that difficult for me to figure out, I guess I used to get excited and anxious waiting to pickup a sack, like "oh shit dude I got 20 bucks!!!! lets go get some bud!!! yaaaaay!!! :D". But generally it's been the same process, you just get better at it.
  6. First time smoking, me and my buddy and his girl went down to Mardi Gras on 6th street in Austin (I was 15), the whole time I was paranoid as fuck, thought all the cops were just staring at me. Anyway, we're smoking a blunt on the way home, his truck breaks down at the end of his driveway (it's at least a mile walk to his house from there), so we said fuck it, rolled another blunt and took off walking. Then the coyotes started howling and I thought they were going to come out of nowhere and try to eat me, so I took off running with the blunt in my mouth, when my friend got back to the house he asked me what the fuck my problem was and I was like, "dude, did you not hear the fucking coyotes?". Turns out the shit was just in my head. Then we smoked more and I greened out.

    At least I saw boobies that night :p
  7. Boobies are good for you.
  8. Maybe if you didn't smoke with 14 year olds..
  9. Born seasoned man

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