No water for 5days

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  1. Guys while I was away my automatic watering system lost power, I got back and gave them a large dose of water, 2 days later I gave them fox farm nutrients, The automatic watering system is working now, here’s some pictures, What do you think?

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  2. should be fine. They'll bounce back within the day.
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  3. They should pull through just fine.

  4. looks like they will recover,but dont be suprised if the stress gives you pollen
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  5. Better than too much water.
    5 days shouldn't hurt much .
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  6. [​IMG]
    This was the frozen plant now thawed out it would be a good idea to water it,
    but Id hold of any any feeding until you know for sure its ok,
    were you not satisfied with the answers on your similar thread Frozen plant
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  7. They can go longer w out. you'd be surprised give a good watering n literally watch them return to life.
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