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  1. Guys, I was away for a week and didn’t have a heater set up, my neighbor checked my plants and said the temperature in my grow room was below freezing, He set up a heater but the leaves are looking wilted, Here’s some pictures, Am I screwed?

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  2. you're gonna lose a lot of leaves, but it looks like some survived. Might be worth finishing. Hard to know. Might be more efficient to start over, but it doesn't look like the plant is dead if that is what you are asking.
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  3. We all get a hiccup in our grow at one time or another. I've seen worse freeze looking plants pull through so I'd let them ride and see where you are in a week or so.

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    you won't know until you try ...but you should be ok
    its when the leaves are on the floor that things can get difficult

    what ever you do bring them back slow like 1 degree per hour or something

    to prevent shock Id keep the lighting low too, for 2-3 days
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  5. Just looks over or under watered imo. I've grown outdoors to 34° and have seen pics on here of plants with snow on them haven't seen them droop like that because of low temps.

    If it was the temp. Gotta warm it up and ride it out.
  6. Well it looks like my auto watering system shut down because of a power issue, I just soaked them good what do you think?
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  7. I bet they bounce back minus a few leaves. :thumbsup:
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  8. Throw the venus in a window sill doesn't need to be under a light. Just make sure it's in a window that has good light instead of more indirect. May be over watering as in watering too often, or if you've transplanted didn't put it in a well draining soil. I used 50/50 perlite peat moss. Possibly ph is too high as traps like a lower ph. Also dont use nutrients venus likes poor nutrient medium. Minimal worm castings every now and again. Dont know if that helped but good luck.
  9. Never froze a plant. Agree it looks very similar to under watered. I'm sure she will b fine minus a cpl oz, thats a big stunt in flower already

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