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Nicotine in blunt wraps?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CaliKid858, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. So ya i was wondering if there is nicotine in blunt wraps and if so do you get a buzz from it because i will most likely be smoking one tomorrow and have never done so before
  2. Yes theres nicotine in them. Its prosessed ,shredded,reconstituded, tobacco rolled into sheets. And yea you will get a short nic. high/light headed. For me it shortens the bud high.
  3. hippie is right, but if you look you can find some blunt wraps that aren't derived from tobacco. I have some of those clear papers that are blunt sized, and they're AWESOME!
  4. would i ever feel a nicotine craving from them and thanks for the responses
  5. Highly doubt it. You might become accustomed to the head rush that tobacco provides from taking a big hit from a blunt and develop a preference for them that joints and bowls won't satisfy tho..
  6. It might make you want cigs or want to try them.
  7. [quote name='"hippie4u"']It might make you want cigs or try them.[/quote]

    Or it might make him want to smoke another blunt

  8. Or it might do this.
  9. It probably won't do anything. Idk why but blunts always make me feel kinda eh.

  10. i dont know about some of yall, or even if its even the blunts....but sometimes i would be craving smoking a sweet and i dont smoke cigs.
  11. Smoking a swisher? Bleh.

    If I ever want to smoke, I avoid cigs and the overly flavored cigars and just go with a wood tip black and mild.
  12. Mmm, wine, wood tipped black and mild
  13. [quote name='"hippie4u"']It might make you want cigs or want to try them.[/quote]

    i disagree with making you want to try them. i have never even thought about trying cigarettes after smoking blunts.
  14. lol i feel you. but im the opposit. im not big on black n milds. i tried them a few times and i just like swishas and sometimes phillies. but hell ill bring that blk n mild u bring the sweet and we will both put in lol
  15. i dont know about you guys but im not a regular tobacco smoker but nicotine buzz + high = feels good man

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