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Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by Gr33nReaper, Sep 6, 2018.

  1. Of course bro. Here to help all .
  2. Guys I hit up a forum on grasscity today and I'm not impressed if you type in foliar feeding the search engine turns up blank!?!?! Wtf has this site not been up and running for years!?! Like really no foliar feeding forums well I guess it's not as informative as others out there!
    The possibility why there aren't people responding 24 hrs a day, more like a chat site I'm presuming..huh funny!
  3. Yo dubs no foliage feeding trends here!? Little weird don't you think?
  4. What about the GO box by general Organics? would you try that if you haven't. That's what I have. This is my second grow and only used it no other line for comparison. I heard others bash it and other like it.
  5. That's pretty crazy . Foliar feeding has many benefits. Especially when you foliar feed cal mag, or kelp in transition between stages.
    The best way to get immediate results for sure . Even if your ph is swinging
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  6. Then make a thread bro...I would like to foliar feed but am not up to date to do so!.but would like to practice the technique!
  7. Hello quick update AND confession.....First I'll confess my sins. I LIED yes I lied to you all. I said "she" when I knew very well that my plant is a hermie 0; But if you could just forgive me and bask in the glory of it for a moment, I mean If I pluck and pray hard enough it becomes a female right....right? lol but seriously seeds never hurt anyone and I'll make hash from her entirety if need be. now for the update. Chunkyfrost be with you.
  8. I just emailed them asking to take part. If not I will buy the box myself and test it out
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  9. Thanks, I would love to see what you think compared to others.
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    Top of the morning to you gang!!
    Hope your gardens are full of candies!!

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  11. Well I found some nanners just starting to peak out on one of my Orange Skunks yesterday evening so I had to chop her up quick.

    D03448E2-B2A6-4CC1-8EC6-8538BA764612.jpeg C0D035BF-559F-4CB3-9531-1D8F08CDB788.jpeg 6BD1F328-1C1D-4AA2-955B-69EEE76CAFB2.jpeg 63DC07D3-697C-4930-87AA-D8C48588BBBD.jpeg
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    Shit bro! Those some Succulent buds:judgekneel: you got there! I'd ask you to ship me some but it would cost an arm and a leg the shipping costs alone!!! Hahaha
    Good job bud!!
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  13. Tell me something s2c do you sell the stalks left over to Louisville?
    So they can carve baseball bats for the MLB...hahahaha:yay:
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  14. Well jus got home from work and when I walked in I can smell the girls that are in the basement a bit lol. Guess im going to have to turn on the carbon filter now lol, love that smell!
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  15. Lolll thank God for the odor eaters!!!
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  16. Yeah, I grow a lot of Skunks, and that’s what my basement smells like right now.
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  17. Lolll she be stinky and sticky!!..loll
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  18. I like your basement I'm sure it smells just stupendous!!

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