new Zob stemline and luke wilson bowl *pix and milk vids*

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  1. Is it easy to smoke small amounts of bud out of this bowl?
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    no, it's most effective when you pack it covering all the holes since it allows a lot of air through if you only cover one side or something. fat bowls are the nicest out of it, defiantly not the best bowl if you only have a little bit of bud.

  3. Yeah, trust me i wish. I'm kinda starting to regret not saving an extra $50 and getting a sovereignty natty splash stemline :(

    it would be such a bitch having to order from online and i wouldn't have the patience to wait lol
  4. Heyy guy's, i know it's been a little while, but well.. here...

  5. i say enjoy your purchase:smoke: throw an ac on it you might fall more in love with it lol nice tube!
  6. Damn, so many people copying the Stemline these days! Nice looking tube though, although only 3 slits? Still looks nice in the vids :D.

  7. I'm looking at the Sovereignty - Stemline w/ Natty Splash Guard. You think its worth the $300. It looks like a gorgeous piece
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    I own a straight SG Stemline and absolutely love it. The nattys are good too, because I will admit sometimes if I pull too hard I get splashback.

    Overall I like the look of the straight tubes better (which is why I got one), but the splashes are just as no bong water in your mouth! I'd definitely say go for it. Stemlines have been the big thing this year, and for good reason! They're sick pieces.

    BTW, here's a link to my review thread I did for my Stemline if you wanna check it out --> click!

    Not trying to hijack by any means OP, just want to spread the SG love! Really diggin your piece.

  9. Yeah man that's been my plan, i wanna get either this:

    I like the Hedman Headies one the most and it's the cheapest.. sooo, probably that one.

  10. Yeah, stemlines are this year's new fashion :rolleyes:
    and it actually has 7 slits, 3 on each side and one on the end, and thank you!
  11. How much is the headman one? I know from seeing vids on here that the BC one is SIIIIIIIIIIICK!

    Lol ya for sure man. And my bad! Thing still diffuses like a champ in those vids :). Looking good!

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