new Zob stemline and luke wilson bowl *pix and milk vids*

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    I knew at the shop the moment i saw it it was going to be the piece i would buy... and i did! :D

    I love it so much.




    and in celebration of buying a bong, me and my boys decided to smoke a blunt!


    & this is my broham


    And finally, here's the milk

  2. I love how you bought a bong but celebrated with a blunt :bongin:

    But ZOBs are really cool, I'm diggin it
  3. Sweet bong, and blunt. What kind of holes/ diffusion does that zob have?
  4. Much love! I have a 14inch Zob straight tube and a Zob mini ash catcher. Quality glass my friend.
  5. Nice tube bro! I love zob, I got a 18 inch beaker and it's the shit. Good glass IMO
  6. i demand pics of the diffuser
  7. This deserves some more love.
  8. Agreed. And what did you pay for it?

  9. Thirded... Im no glass afficianado, i just wanna see it.

  10. I believe you 4th'd it my friend :p Don't forget me now.

  11. this.
  12. Wooo! Finally got some pictures after high demand lol :D


    3slits on each side and one on the tip



  13. The bong was originally $220 or something, but they brought it down to $200 and i got the luke wilson bowl for $30, but some how the total came out to $250...? I just assumed it was because of taxes or some bullshit, but im not really complaining. The shop i got it from (BC smoke shop), is kinda pricey, but they defiantly have the best glass in town.

  14. [​IMG]

    gimme gimme
  15. *ben wilson bowl* cough

  16. Oh shitt, foreal? i didn't know that, my bad. :eek:
  17. same shit basically, bens handles are just straight and lukes curve downward =)
  18. I like it but they should of gridded it
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    Well that's obviously where they're making up for the price difference. Still milks though thanks to that slide.
  20. Zobs have always interested me since i've seen them. Yours is great. I think you got played by your headshop though...They brought the price down by 20 and then still charged you it? That's not taxes.

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